PUKE FRUIT SMOOTHIE - Would You Drink This?

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In this episode, the crew are on location in Costa Rica at Kids Saving the Rainforest! During this adventure, Coyote is bringing you a brand new segment called Cooking with Coyote! He's blending together some insanely disgusting Noni fruits.. You heard that correctly, he's creating a puke fruit smoothie.. and the crew are going to taste it! So.. would you drink this?! Watch now to find out what it tastes like!

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Lucywon 5 tundi tagasi
Coyote the abuser.
Sora760 13 tundi tagasi
love this
Tsui Cary
Tsui Cary 15 tundi tagasi
It’s called none fruit because we want is to be gone lol
Tsui Cary
Tsui Cary 15 tundi tagasi
Why does if look like a turd
Ken No
Ken No 16 tundi tagasi
Trái nhào
Agis Geming文法
Agis Geming文法 20 tundi tagasi
🇮🇩: Buah cangkudu : cangkudu fruit
Thato_nefurry Päev tagasi
I remember that you didn't use clicking thumbnails, I know the channels dying, but still...I miss the old days
Cole Walker
Cole Walker Päev tagasi
Natalie Lippman
Natalie Lippman Päev tagasi
Im warning everyone who has Emetaphobia (fear of throwing up or anything related to that) to exit off of this video. (coming from a person who has Emetaphobia.
Azrael Z.
Azrael Z. Päev tagasi
Wtf I have taken a shot of noni juice every morning for years...its actually not that bad and really really good for you. You guys just dont know how to prepare it 🤦‍♂️
Legendary_wolfcat Päev tagasi
Him: DIE DIE DIE DIE Him five seconds later: gently cut it..
Phan Thai Hoa
Phan Thai Hoa Päev tagasi
trái nhàu theo cách gọi của người dân VIETNAMESE được sử dụng làm thuốc
ハナDelta Päev tagasi
"DIE" "DIEEEE” *screen gets red*
Naufal nurf
Naufal nurf Päev tagasi
in my country in indonesia that fruit called “mengkudu” and that fruit’s so stink 🤮 the smell is like rotten shocks
Eric Kotter
Eric Kotter Päev tagasi
Plot twist. Trent doesn't have his taste or smell.
Piamon chan
Piamon chan 2 päeva tagasi
Him: wOuLd YoU dRiNk ThIs?! me: NO WHO WOULD him: *drinks it* Me: 👁👄👁
KIMBERLY BUDAY 2 päeva tagasi
Some people don't know that fruit are medicine to cure breast cancer and tumor. I was saw on facebook but I think its true.
destinyvsp 2 päeva tagasi
omg my childhood
FantasticFravels 3 päeva tagasi
Been on this channel for almost 2 years never thought of of cooking with coyote lol
ABDULLAH khan 3 päeva tagasi
And we blame corona 😂😁
D Dorcha Graine
D Dorcha Graine 3 päeva tagasi
Oh good my comment was deleted. You really should not have done that. President Biden is a fraud and " likes children " you have a children's channel, this does not look good for your brand or company.
Frosty Grammar
Frosty Grammar 3 päeva tagasi
Estrenaur 4 päeva tagasi
1:35 oh fr
Crucix 4 päeva tagasi
Coyote, you're a nut. Never change. 😂
B, OP 5 päeva tagasi
Cooking with coyote hmmm really sounds like Cooking with Kenshin
Sophie Robloxing
Sophie Robloxing 6 päeva tagasi
Blast 21
Blast 21 6 päeva tagasi
Oh hell no!
SCORP 6 päeva tagasi
If its called the puke fruit.. any drink made out of it.. is puke.. they drank puke.. and puked
Mike Veis
Mike Veis 7 päeva tagasi
Xin Lei Lam
Xin Lei Lam 7 päeva tagasi
Stay hungry😂 stay fat
Salad05 7 päeva tagasi
It looks like a devil fruit
Mohammed AKBARI
Mohammed AKBARI 7 päeva tagasi
It looks like a piece of a octopus
Chiquis Vader14
Chiquis Vader14 8 päeva tagasi
Coyote is a fighter that is wild
Efren Salando
Efren Salando 9 päeva tagasi
Mick Ellis
Mick Ellis 9 päeva tagasi
Spongebob going into the blender!🤣🤣
-Rachel- :0
-Rachel- :0 10 päeva tagasi
Coyote: Die die!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Coyote: To GENTLY dice up noni fruit Me: bruh wasn't he just killing it with his fingers-
LIL_POLR_223 10 päeva tagasi
i call it the pucumber
LIL_POLR_223 10 päeva tagasi
how dose his dog lock so much like dwayne the rock johnson
Henrik Svensson
Henrik Svensson 11 päeva tagasi
Someone should do some kind of liquor with puke fruits, that could be a drink for true badasses.
Camila Duran
Camila Duran 11 päeva tagasi
Lol when I saw the thumb nail for the vid I thought he had a butterfly on his nose🤣🤣
Company VAECO
Company VAECO 11 päeva tagasi
who wants to eat bricks?
Company VAECO
Company VAECO 11 päeva tagasi
Is a noni that disgusting?
sam z
sam z 11 päeva tagasi
Jennifer would’ve drank that whole blender pitcher!
og name
og name 12 päeva tagasi
The thumbnail:gorden could never like literally he would never make this
Marlina Floyd
Marlina Floyd 12 päeva tagasi
That was funny!🤣
Kelly colon
Kelly colon 12 päeva tagasi
I Will not drinking that
Dragonbrother10 YouTube channel
Dragonbrother10 YouTube channel 13 päeva tagasi
Only og reamber the old video
Sevenfifteen Music
Sevenfifteen Music 13 päeva tagasi
I have a feeling "Cooking with Coyote" won't last long xD
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia 13 päeva tagasi
Sorry to say I am laffing so hard
Bendy Demon
Bendy Demon 14 päeva tagasi
I have a weak stomach so I would not survive
behindyou skll
behindyou skll 14 päeva tagasi
this fruit is for make wine... not joice or eating like a normal fruit that´s gross
Kim Kato
Kim Kato 14 päeva tagasi
7:21 look at doggg
Mystic Typ0
Mystic Typ0 15 päeva tagasi
Carson Jeffords
Carson Jeffords 15 päeva tagasi
Puke why am I watching this!!!🤢🤮
Azmi Andi
Azmi Andi 15 päeva tagasi
Pace 🙂 Baunya aja gaenak, apalagi diminum jadiin jus
MetalSlug666 15 päeva tagasi
season 2 i guess
PAIN 15 päeva tagasi
Greg K
Greg K 15 päeva tagasi
Yeah well that thing doesn’t look good to put in the blender to begin with. Maybe ok to just eat it whole.
Enderman1462 15 päeva tagasi
giligilibird 15 päeva tagasi
my neighbor have grow these plant, i was growing up seeing these fruit beside my house and today i finally know how people eat it. sort of..
M O T H 16 päeva tagasi
My grandma has some in her garden, once her dog tried it out she said he started caughing it out, i think he didnt like itnor it was actually poisonous or bad for little max.
song mashes
song mashes 16 päeva tagasi
Ew i would puke
E-Rock 16 päeva tagasi
ZORRYT WOLFDANN :3 16 päeva tagasi
Wenos días coiote
jeb500 17 päeva tagasi
gross know-wonder people call it puke fruit
-Rachel- :0
-Rachel- :0 17 päeva tagasi
''I want my mommy'' XD
-Rachel- :0
-Rachel- :0 17 päeva tagasi
Nobody: Me as they say nani: NoNi
skinny • fry
skinny • fry 17 päeva tagasi
Brave Wilderness chopping the potato: DIE DIE DIE Also Brave Wilderness: so that was how you gently chop a puke potato
Taphy Playz
Taphy Playz 17 päeva tagasi
Coyote was A good youtuber 4 years ago and now he sucks
Titoo 17 päeva tagasi
better than socks worn by Coyote on ALL his adventures
Heal Slime
Heal Slime 17 päeva tagasi
I call it devil fruit
Stian Fisk
Stian Fisk 17 päeva tagasi
just alittlebit of MSG will fix this
satvik shastry
satvik shastry 17 päeva tagasi
Noni is common here where I live... I’ve been drinking it since I was 2 and I’m kind of immune to the smell and taste... now it tastes like literally nothing.....
Jimar Stribling
Jimar Stribling 17 päeva tagasi
Back at it again with the loop of the noni or should i say the puke fruit
Juraj Piskorik
Juraj Piskorik 17 päeva tagasi
I like that meme format😂
acidic madness
acidic madness 17 päeva tagasi
Is his name actually coyote?
Trisha Vota
Trisha Vota 17 päeva tagasi
called cooking with coyote. he sounds exided even tho he is drinking it
Ben Skelly
Ben Skelly 18 päeva tagasi
The noni shake is like a second-hand nightmarish version of Pepto-Bismol...
Aesthetic_Aki 18 päeva tagasi
Ngl the puke fruit looks yummy
Andy Rivera
Andy Rivera 18 päeva tagasi
The rotten kiwi
Rolando najera
Rolando najera 18 päeva tagasi
Is that fruit meant to be eaten??
El Pepe
El Pepe 18 päeva tagasi
Duppy Soursap
Steve McCow
Steve McCow 18 päeva tagasi
Coyote stole Scotty Kilmer voice
artgirl gammer
artgirl gammer 18 päeva tagasi
im starting to think the brave wilderness channel might be running out of ideas...
Robert Banks
Robert Banks 19 päeva tagasi
Noni is no t so bad. There a shopping center in Playa del Carmen Yucatán, México. Wher you grab taxis, there is a noni tree. I have picked and eaten a lot of it.
Kelii Yamashita
Kelii Yamashita 19 päeva tagasi
Yeah, this was on my grandmas house in a jar fermenting in Hawaii. The juice can cure everything! Plus they make fruit leather of it now and it taste alright.
Jana Viki
Jana Viki 19 päeva tagasi
People with Trypophobia: *puking at sight*
Kyaw nyarna
Kyaw nyarna 19 päeva tagasi
Wash your hand! Lmao
Tomo 19 päeva tagasi
One piece irl
Laugh Out Lolly
Laugh Out Lolly 19 päeva tagasi
I’m calling the puke potato the chuck up cherry
Sally Sarai
Sally Sarai 19 päeva tagasi
Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger 20 päeva tagasi
Bruh this food is my nation food
Table top Gaming Society
Table top Gaming Society 20 päeva tagasi
Just for support I eat and drink super disgusting things
Kirana Goodson
Kirana Goodson 20 päeva tagasi
I learned about the rain forest. Wich one are you at tropical or temperate
Dorian the pineapple
Dorian the pineapple 21 päev tagasi
2:50 3:11 3:49 4:06 4:11 4:29
Warthog 21 päev tagasi
5:21- 3...2...1.... -Lets play- *LET IT RIP*
[EZD] Lucid
[EZD] Lucid 22 päeva tagasi
The thumbnail is great! Lol
Big Zee
Big Zee 22 päeva tagasi
Coyote: eat cheese fruit we will see you on the next terrible fruit
Big Zee
Big Zee 22 päeva tagasi
Cheese fruit lol
Goran Dubravic
Goran Dubravic 22 päeva tagasi
I would never drink this puke fruit smoothie! 🤢
Neon Wolf 101
Neon Wolf 101 23 päeva tagasi
i used to have a tree that grew these and they smelled disgusting
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