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On this episode, it's a first for the Brave Wilderness channel - our very first close encounter with a DEEP SEA CREATURE! Mark and the crew are at Aquarium Encounters in Florida, which happens to be one of the only places in the world where you can experience a hands-on encounter with Isopods. Mark is going to find out if Isopods have a taste for HUMAN FLESH by offering the Isopods his arm! So.. will he get bitten by a deep sea creature? Watch now to find out!

Thank you to Aquarium Encounters for assisting us on this episode! To visit and touch an Isopod yourself, check out their website for more information: floridakeysaquariumencounters ...

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The Brave Wilderness hosts and crew are professionally trained but receive assistance from animal experts and safety personnel when in potentially life-threatening situations. Permissions were obtained by the crew to film in all locations associated with this series. No animals were injured, killed, or removed from their natural habitat in the filming of this program and instances where animals are brought to the scene are clearly acknowledged in the video. Professional advice should always be sought before entering any dangerous environment, or before encountering any species of animal. Every precaution is taken to handle animals with care and in the least stressful way possible; expert opinions are often solicited when handling animals that may potentially inflict harm to any cast and crew.

Masterscopezzz 8 minutit tagasi
This is the deep sea version of the sting zone
gaming roblox player
gaming roblox player 50 minutit tagasi
Is this brave? I haven't watched him in two years
Eye Infestation
Eye Infestation Tund tagasi
I love them so mcuh
ఌShoto Todorokiఌ
ఌShoto Todorokiఌ Tund tagasi
The guy: “Wow I can’t believe I’m standing infront of these many giant isopods!” The isopods: 👁👄👁
balanced Tund tagasi
looks like something from alien.
Non applicable
Non applicable Tund tagasi
I didn’t need to know this existed but now I do. It interests me as much as it scares me, which means it interests me a lot.
Kyle Brake
Kyle Brake 2 tundi tagasi
I love your videos!
Karen Carlson
Karen Carlson 2 tundi tagasi
Pov: you are a budget cut face crawler
Hcho M Coaui
Hcho M Coaui 3 tundi tagasi
Devin Graves
Devin Graves 3 tundi tagasi
It is real isopod hours
Xuefei Li
Xuefei Li 4 tundi tagasi
Why does deep-sea giant hexapod look like a cockroach
S LB 4 tundi tagasi
epic sea roly poly
Steve 5 tundi tagasi
Gods creation
apple a day keeps the child support away
apple a day keeps the child support away 5 tundi tagasi
Idk why but I find giant isopods cute
Cloudy Gaming and Arts
Cloudy Gaming and Arts 6 tundi tagasi
I was there 2 days ago
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 6 tundi tagasi
Sting Challenge! MARK V COYOTE
RetroDog32 6 tundi tagasi
It looks like a giant water cockroach
Jessica Hoffman
Jessica Hoffman 7 tundi tagasi
man looks like something out of a horra movie 😆🤣
John Medina
John Medina 7 tundi tagasi
The first time I saw isopods was in Miami .I was sitting at night on a wall by the water and saw movement from what looked like water bugs on the side of the seawall . When I took a closer look I was surprised and so excited because I had only seen these creatures on national geographic .
Adam Hariz Hazman
Adam Hariz Hazman 8 tundi tagasi
I knew the creature is familiar.... It's golisopod from POKEMON!!
Elias 8 tundi tagasi
5:49 I felt that 🚬🚬
Nanami Kento
Nanami Kento 9 tundi tagasi
it's kinda cute
Mr joshy boy
Mr joshy boy 9 tundi tagasi
That's insane
Little Hell
Little Hell 9 tundi tagasi
huge nightmare cockroach
Little Hell
Little Hell 9 tundi tagasi
thats a dinosaur
בנימין דהן
בנימין דהן 10 tundi tagasi
Omg i want this as a pet its so cute istg
Faceplant 10 tundi tagasi
Deep-Sea Giant Isopods = The Creature in my nightmares.
Skelefs sane
Skelefs sane 11 tundi tagasi
it's real Isopod hours
monalisa lubin
monalisa lubin 12 tundi tagasi
That looks like a big coacroch
M M 13 tundi tagasi
They're so stinking cute
Steve Park
Steve Park 13 tundi tagasi
What is it killed you
Xo Barbieanaa
Xo Barbieanaa 14 tundi tagasi
crabs n lobster.. shrimp are sea bugs
Xo Barbieanaa
Xo Barbieanaa 14 tundi tagasi
thts literally a sea bugggg
Parmen Verma
Parmen Verma 14 tundi tagasi
Miguel Cabrera
Miguel Cabrera 15 tundi tagasi
I haven’t seen this channel in quite a while.. who tf is this guy
Dan D
Dan D 17 tundi tagasi
So that’s where they got the idea for the face of The Predator creature.
Jayden Martinez
Jayden Martinez 17 tundi tagasi
Thats what i call the BIGGEST rouch
Will Watkins
Will Watkins 18 tundi tagasi
Radroaches are real! *loads BB gun
TheJester 18 tundi tagasi
coyote: are you ok mark?
FredBear Films
FredBear Films 20 tundi tagasi
Isopod:Man I wanna eat this arm so bad it’s so head Human:Nothing Isopod:Wait where you going?
Derek Hall
Derek Hall 20 tundi tagasi
The roly poly of the sea.
Alec Trejo
Alec Trejo 20 tundi tagasi
Tbh I knew it wouldn't bite. Fact is those claws r the only means of getting a bite lol.
Willow Wolf Productions
Willow Wolf Productions 21 tund tagasi
Icopods are cool and also highly SPOOPY Who agrees?
Friday13thFreak 22 tundi tagasi
Okay I’m facing my fears watching this one. I hate hate hate isopods. They freak me out!! Idk if I’m going to be able to watch this.
Charles Walton
Charles Walton 22 tundi tagasi
if it were to bite it'd be like: "parry this you filthy casual"
DogePlaysRoblox Päev tagasi
i havent seen this channel in years and it just popped up in my reccomendation section
skunk playz drawz random things
skunk playz drawz random things Päev tagasi
You look diffrent!
Sedat Dinç
Sedat Dinç Päev tagasi
Thats amazing
Danial Päev tagasi
خیلی کصخلی
Yoboy_noob Päev tagasi
Is this still the same person who got the killer be honey and regular honey? He looks different
World_Smartest_DoDo Päev tagasi
BITTEN by a DEEP SEA CREATURE?! = click bait
Adrian Mammas
Adrian Mammas Päev tagasi
Lewis Hulme
Lewis Hulme Päev tagasi
2:04 woodlouse
RGMeltzz Päev tagasi
His watch 😳😳😳
Carley Päev tagasi
So they are just living in that tank? In the light? Being touched and picked up every day? Yey for them.
Indecisive Wolf
Indecisive Wolf Päev tagasi
My man get your pokéball that's a Kabuto
Ryan Anthony
Ryan Anthony Päev tagasi
Don’t put “bitten” in the title if no one gets bitten in the video
Swaralipi Roy
Swaralipi Roy Päev tagasi
A sea ROACH F.
roosovelt Päev tagasi
me not watching brave wilderness in 5 yrs who da heck is this
Doulingo Päev tagasi
The sea creature is fat
Ak47 Päev tagasi
Bro there face looks like a supervillian mask
MrBG1138 Päev tagasi
WILL IT BITE?! Well it's in an aquarium where you are allowed to pick it up, so....
Random Isaac Player
Random Isaac Player Päev tagasi
What is that
Julian Druijts
Julian Druijts Päev tagasi
This right here is why I'm afraid of the ocean
Black Päev tagasi
RIP scuba divers
Dari Ugrinov
Dari Ugrinov Päev tagasi
My question would not be where the boat is but where coyote
IQ ARAQ Päev tagasi
darkzx Päev tagasi
BlackoutX Päev tagasi
Imagine living in darkness your whole life but one day u wake up in a tank with lights everywhere
Jalapeño and Banana Productions
Jalapeño and Banana Productions Päev tagasi
8:09 I can't even get near something like that!
Nate Silvers
Nate Silvers Päev tagasi
DEEP sea creatures in a tiny SHALLOW tank for entertainment. If they are gentle giants don't support this petting zoo (prison).
Alejandrosanchez827 Päev tagasi
Who r u
-Alpha Beta Gaming-
-Alpha Beta Gaming- Päev tagasi
They do bite, Ive been bitten by the baby versions of them. I guess not giant ones but still isopods.
-Alpha Beta Gaming-
-Alpha Beta Gaming- Päev tagasi
They're painful
Chowda Boi
Chowda Boi Päev tagasi
Dey kinda look like a Giant Dust Mite lol
Tshepi Baholo
Tshepi Baholo Päev tagasi
Dude this channel is why I'm sometimes not scared if things
I love you Savannah but
I love you Savannah but Päev tagasi
5:03 thought I was something only a mom could love
ThePilotofEpic Päev tagasi
I see its real isopod hours
OH 51
OH 51 Päev tagasi
“deep sea isopod” 😂 you can find this in a ditch with water down the street in florida
Kirnovill Päev tagasi
Highly doubt that
AoffyDosy Päev tagasi
Giant Isopods : We are always exotic food.
ME LJ Päev tagasi
Alpha ZA
Alpha ZA Päev tagasi
where is the original Guy doing the videos? great vid though
Daniel Ivarsson
Daniel Ivarsson Päev tagasi
The small version of the big ice pod thing, they pee out of their shelf on you when you hold them
Ryuzaki Namikaze
Ryuzaki Namikaze Päev tagasi
The pokemon
Rockin Chomper
Rockin Chomper Päev tagasi
I saw this and instantly thought of the Pokémon Golisopod
Jijii Y.
Jijii Y. Päev tagasi
This looks like something from monster hunter
Jordan Päev tagasi
I haven’t heard of any giant squid. The term thou are looking for is kraken
Michael Richards
Michael Richards 2 päeva tagasi
Brave Wilderness: only a face a mother would love Isopod: They ask you how you are and you have to say your fine but your not really fine
Vermillion 2 päeva tagasi
They look like cockroaches.
Tim Hiltz
Tim Hiltz 2 päeva tagasi
A Pokémon is based on this creature. I think it was Golisopod.
JOJO FLAME 2 päeva tagasi
Catch em all fishing did this a long time ago he even ate it
Christian Mai
Christian Mai 2 päeva tagasi
ummm.. People in vietnam eat that like its lobster lol
Bruno Gajdos
Bruno Gajdos 2 päeva tagasi
They are kinda cute
Micha Blueflamestar
Micha Blueflamestar 2 päeva tagasi
I might have seen one of these, it looked like a giant woodbug. It was hiding under a rock near the water of the ocean. I don't know for sure if it was one of these.
Alp kaan
Alp kaan 2 päeva tagasi
He is crazy
XzangKain 🍃
XzangKain 🍃 2 päeva tagasi
I thought these was extinct
Kira 2 päeva tagasi
the isopod looks like a big roly poly
Micah B.
Micah B. 2 päeva tagasi
They based the movie The Predator off that thing
Addizon Bartelett
Addizon Bartelett 2 päeva tagasi
I JUST WENT TO THAT AQUARIUM THAT IS IN KEY WEST! Also the water in that little tank is really cold 🥶
soggy bread
soggy bread 2 päeva tagasi
It looks like an alien 👽
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