WILL IT BITE?! Black Widow Challenge Tests Nerves!

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Brave Wilderness

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In this episode, Coyote is taking on the Black Widow challenge yet again! In the darkness of the night in Arizona, Coyote and the crew explore an abandoned goldmine and find.. a Black Widow! Will the spider bite him at night as Coyote takes on the Black Widow challenge once more?! Watch now to find out and see this Black Widow test Coyote's nerves yet again!

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The Brave Wilderness hosts and crew are professionally trained but receive assistance from animal experts and safety personnel when in potentially life-threatening situations. Permissions were obtained by the crew to film in all locations associated with this series. No animals were injured, killed, or removed from their natural habitat in the filming of this program and instances where animals are brought to the scene are clearly acknowledged in the video. Professional advice should always be sought before entering any dangerous environment, or before encountering any species of animal. Every precaution is taken to handle animals with care and in the least stressful way possible; expert opinions are often solicited when handling animals that may potentially inflict harm to any cast and crew.

Aubrey Lynn
Aubrey Lynn 7 minutit tagasi
I watched this video to make sure your alife
LEXIE ONAM 2 tundi tagasi
im happy this guy is trained if he wan not he would be dead by tomarrow
Black Ninja
Black Ninja 2 tundi tagasi
Coyote is the mortal enemy of corona he has been bitten by so many things i think corona virus will be a piece of cake for him
Chloe Singh
Chloe Singh 2 tundi tagasi
I love your vids
The funny cats
The funny cats 3 tundi tagasi
I’m so terrified I halve a aracnifobea
Jordan Tran
Jordan Tran 3 tundi tagasi
Coyote vs Austria coyote 100000000pt. Austria 01pt
Derian Mendoza
Derian Mendoza 5 tundi tagasi
there is a movie called arachnophobia which induced the fear of spiders towards people. spiders are not killers and not to be feared.
Liam Stewart
Liam Stewart 7 tundi tagasi
How Did It Not Bit You?
Liam Stewart
Liam Stewart 7 tundi tagasi
Liam Stewart
Liam Stewart 7 tundi tagasi
And What’s Your Guys Real Name?
Liam Stewart
Liam Stewart 7 tundi tagasi
Brave Wildrness Do You Guys Have A Game?
Liliana Torres
Liliana Torres 10 tundi tagasi
you are insane
The Sleeping Dragon
The Sleeping Dragon 14 tundi tagasi
Video DISCLAIMER: do not handle black widow Also Video: "Black widow challenge"
エグゼイド 14 tundi tagasi
I'm Coyote Peterson. I'm about to enter Area 51.
Obam 19 tundi tagasi
☻/ This is bob. Copy and paste him so he can take back EEexs. /▌ /\
Marixana 23 tundi tagasi
Bro if I found a little harmless spider I would die 😵
godzilla creates
godzilla creates 23 tundi tagasi
Did you ever get a tick if so how many bites
DżumaPL 23 tundi tagasi
ja mam pytanie jak on nadal zyje po tylu uzadleniach?
Ttd3 Fan
Ttd3 Fan Päev tagasi
Creeepy he’s gonna be the 4th spiderman
Rado Mister
Rado Mister Päev tagasi
I would never do That man. I am The biggest arachnophobia dude.
XploNotFound Päev tagasi
Spider man?
Skymaster Gaming YT
Skymaster Gaming YT Päev tagasi
This hurts to watch
Kameron Armitage
Kameron Armitage Päev tagasi
got bit by one of these in my tent
Sonia Zamberlan
Sonia Zamberlan 2 päeva tagasi
I aracndefobia
roman romango
roman romango 2 päeva tagasi
why tho
Emery Glynn
Emery Glynn 2 päeva tagasi
Coyote: Handling the deadly spider Me: Screams when I see the spider on the screen
Emery Glynn
Emery Glynn 2 päeva tagasi
talk about sketchy
Chronic Neptune
Chronic Neptune 3 päeva tagasi
your vids are wavy af no cap
EchoTheGamingGecko 3 päeva tagasi
Coyote: goes in an abandoned shaft and is not scared. Me: goes in the basement and my siblings close the lights on me. Me: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
ERIKA della-penna
ERIKA della-penna 3 päeva tagasi
thank you so much for doing this video now i know not to be scared of spiders
Legendary jack plays LJP
Legendary jack plays LJP 3 päeva tagasi
When he said I& these rocks fall were ded Rocks : soyanora!
Legendary jack plays LJP
Legendary jack plays LJP 3 päeva tagasi
Coyote; nobody has survived a black widow ever Me:do u watch ninja kids tv? Payton : my brother survived one The other 2: ye same The person that gotten bit :I’m spider man Payton :he saved my life!
Arda Sulutay
Arda Sulutay 4 päeva tagasi
Iraklis Pilatos
Iraklis Pilatos 4 päeva tagasi
Nie Ja
Nie Ja 4 päeva tagasi
'I'm Coyote Peterson, and i'm about to be eaten alive by a megalodon"
Zac Villanueva
Zac Villanueva 4 päeva tagasi
Im always watching your vids your vids are so cool
XxX 4 päeva tagasi
Niko P
Niko P 4 päeva tagasi
Hi my name is coyote Peterson and I'm about to find a Megalodon and put my hand in its mouth
Niko P
Niko P 4 päeva tagasi
This guy do is everything for us so we can conquer your fears he's the best
Niko P
Niko P 4 päeva tagasi
Hi I'm coyote Peterson and I'm about to handle a T-Rex :ok so I'm sorry what did you say lol
Niko P
Niko P 4 päeva tagasi
My name is Kai coyote Peterson and I'm about to put 500 black widows in my mouth :sorry what did you say 😲 OMG
Johnathon Watkins
Johnathon Watkins 5 päeva tagasi
This is 4 times the widow has been up close for the cameras. I want to see an episode of the brown recluse, i think she deserves some attention.
sashaob1 5 päeva tagasi
My friend says that he's going to be like you when he grows up
Talan Gehtrz
Talan Gehtrz 5 päeva tagasi
Are y’all really not talking about that rare car?
Anna McDonald
Anna McDonald 6 päeva tagasi
They should report that abandoned car. It could have been involved in a crime or something.
Sam  George
Sam George 6 päeva tagasi
Hi I'm coyete Peterson and I going to eat mud
īéßhæ çhłœ
īéßhæ çhłœ 7 päeva tagasi
When I was young my dad always sells spiders and he found a black widow and gave me the widow as a pet
Connor Amelotte
Connor Amelotte 7 päeva tagasi
Is no one gonna talk about the GT just sitting there?? Like... Give me about 4 years and I would have a fully restored GT
The Administrator
The Administrator 7 päeva tagasi
This guy has experienced so much pain and has handled it like a champ so may times this guy is legendary.
I'llB Awsome2gaming
I'llB Awsome2gaming 7 päeva tagasi
That my friend is a GT and it’s really old and is one of my fav racing car
m. C.
m. C. 7 päeva tagasi
The spider knew that coyote was more venomous than she was and if it bit coyote it would of died during the shoot.
Universal Gaming
Universal Gaming 7 päeva tagasi
Hi guys it’s coyote Peterson ant today I almost died …again
Colin Ryan
Colin Ryan 9 päeva tagasi
I’m coyote Peterson and I’m about to jump off the Empire State Building
Andrew Joshua Yap
Andrew Joshua Yap 10 päeva tagasi
wow man coyote didn't get bite of the black widow
basic decaf
basic decaf 10 päeva tagasi
Dude could adventure his way to my garage or my porch. Plenty of Black Widows just chillin over here in Ohio.
The Awesome Beast
The Awesome Beast 10 päeva tagasi
I agree HelloItsVG I'v seen him get stung by BULLET ANT WARRIOR WASP AND VELVET ANT
Sam 11 päeva tagasi
sharonda hall
sharonda hall 11 päeva tagasi
Ava T
Ava T 11 päeva tagasi
I knw
Coyote Long
Coyote Long 11 päeva tagasi
I’m Coyote Peterson, and I’m about to become Spider-Man
Jason strickland
Jason strickland 11 päeva tagasi
If that is a Toyota 2000GT, holy crap!!! I hope someone gets that thing out of the desert and restores it to proper running condition.
Retro Scope
Retro Scope 12 päeva tagasi
3:05 i tought it was a toy car lol
mm2 Bossmode
mm2 Bossmode 13 päeva tagasi
Lemme clarify..did he say he had Aracniphobia while holding a black widow in his hand.
MYWEW_W! _TV Family Fun Vidoes
MYWEW_W! _TV Family Fun Vidoes 13 päeva tagasi
Brave you are brave
Jennifer Zajacek
Jennifer Zajacek 14 päeva tagasi
I swear i saw eyes inside of the cave
Atradies Inc.
Atradies Inc. 15 päeva tagasi
I had a friend who accidently smashed one and got it in his eye. He was a water meter checker and it squirted in his eye. His eye got so big that it was coming out of his head. The optical nerves and cords almost detached.
X J 15 päeva tagasi
I read somewhere that the black widow is aggressive and actively tries to hurt you if you come into it’s sight also that it is sometimes found on toilets, is it true? Or is the book about spiders that I bought a complete scam...
Mercedes Mcgimpsey
Mercedes Mcgimpsey 15 päeva tagasi
You are cooler than me
BTS army Potato
BTS army Potato 15 päeva tagasi
i would be screaming my head off lol
Lia M
Lia M 16 päeva tagasi
I would pass out if I saw that spider-
Mikki Hintikka
Mikki Hintikka 17 päeva tagasi
"I'm coyote peterson, and I'm about to get stung by the conesnail"
Kameron Oneal
Kameron Oneal 17 päeva tagasi
can we fried coyote i love your views
Kameron Oneal
Kameron Oneal 17 päeva tagasi
Kameron Oneal
Kameron Oneal 17 päeva tagasi
Kameron Oneal
Kameron Oneal 17 päeva tagasi
UnderMix 17 päeva tagasi
that guy is crazy
Dom Stanley
Dom Stanley 18 päeva tagasi
Can we talk about how he does this but I’m scared of a roach 💀😭😭
Sara It’s called a man on Facebook page
Sara It’s called a man on Facebook page 18 päeva tagasi
So guys my first time are you track your son so guys I got put in Vail like when I’m not in the hospitalMy life is going really bad and if you want that to happen by
Connor Gray
Connor Gray 18 päeva tagasi
I’ve been bitten by one before.
Black Soul
Black Soul 18 päeva tagasi
5:30 scared me like fr😫
joe mama -:
joe mama -: 19 päeva tagasi
broi found a black widow and its so big it was so scary and it was in my window omgg like 3 inch
Nelson Sandoval
Nelson Sandoval 19 päeva tagasi
snakes hide
Tim Townsend jr
Tim Townsend jr 19 päeva tagasi
The black widow spider sounds like black widow from the avengers
jenny mccormack
jenny mccormack 20 päeva tagasi
This is my biggest fear spiders
Angela Scotney
Angela Scotney 20 päeva tagasi
Black widows have a red hourglass on their back
CosmicFn 21 päev tagasi
SHE GOT A DUMPY 🤗😳😐🥵😪🤫😳🤧🤯
Kirbyk22 21 päev tagasi
Spider scorpion a like octopus a position frog how??
Kirbyk22 21 päev tagasi
how they know where’s like a animal???.
Gold Steel
Gold Steel 22 päeva tagasi
Cameraman: Damn.
Gold Steel
Gold Steel 22 päeva tagasi
Looks like an Opel GT. Edit: I checked and it is an Opel GT.
Keagan Mills
Keagan Mills 22 päeva tagasi
LOL bug milkshake
Joanne Zhou
Joanne Zhou 22 päeva tagasi
I Like spiders, but i'm just scared of them not because they bite, but because they have too many legs and they are small
Female Pilot Fire
Female Pilot Fire 23 päeva tagasi
I’m in Arizona and I keep seeing black widows in my back yard, what do I do 🤣
Tony Chavez
Tony Chavez 23 päeva tagasi
I've got 50$ riding on you cyote to get bit. So don't let me down like you did the first time!!
Budg3t frog
Budg3t frog 24 päeva tagasi
That a false widow spider D
Unknown-862 25 päeva tagasi
3:03 Who else thaught this was a toy car
Richard Cassels
Richard Cassels 24 päeva tagasi
YA :)
Carson Cray
Carson Cray 25 päeva tagasi
Do a video on a brown recluse please
Rockie Norris
Rockie Norris 25 päeva tagasi
Matt Whalen
Matt Whalen 25 päeva tagasi
Coyote did you get vaccinated?
Israel Saldivar
Israel Saldivar 26 päeva tagasi
I’m coyote Peterson and I’m about to enter the shower zone with tyrone
"wow, this is gross inside 😂😂
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