WHAT DID I FIND?! - Dissecting Snowy Owl Pellets!

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On this episode, we're partnering with The Nature Conservancy to bring you a snowy owl adventure! All winter, Mario has been filming and photographing an incredible snowy owl that he's named Nieve (which means 'snow' in Spanish). Then, Peter Blank from the Nature Conservancy gives Mario and Coyote a mission to find out what Nieve has been consuming. Watch as Mario and Coyote dissect Nieve's pellets to see what they will find!

Thank you to The Nature Conservancy and Peter Blank for assisting us with this episode! To learn more about the birding opportunities in your area, visit: bit.ly/bwnatureorg

Big thanks to The Seagles for gracing us with another jam, make sure to search for them on Spotify to listen to the full-length version of "Where the Owl Goes!"

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Hyacinth Hannah
Hyacinth Hannah 11 tundi tagasi
I did this at this after school activity class and I found many bones.
Shane Pry
Shane Pry 4 päeva tagasi
Did this at school lol
Valeria Salazar
Valeria Salazar 8 päeva tagasi
My cousin did this once in her science class and she found mouse and little bird bones 🦴
Valeria Salazar
Valeria Salazar 8 päeva tagasi
By the way nieve is snow in Spanish I think
Mike Sookun
Mike Sookun 10 päeva tagasi
It's like a juicer
Tiffany Russell
Tiffany Russell 10 päeva tagasi
I actually dissected owl pellets in 2nd grade XD
Pearl Sugar Channel
Pearl Sugar Channel 12 päeva tagasi
Mario could be my storytelling teacher...( His hands play a big part too )
Pearl Sugar Channel
Pearl Sugar Channel 12 päeva tagasi
I didn't know Coyote did not like the cold..........And Mario's storytelling was so good
Pearl Sugar Channel
Pearl Sugar Channel 12 päeva tagasi
Regurgitation...searches google and watching the video a thousand times
Leonardo Solis Munoz
Leonardo Solis Munoz 12 päeva tagasi
At 9:38 Mario: Stay . . . Fluffy Me: 🤣🤣🤣😆😂😆😂😆😆🤣🤣🤣
Jan Veselý
Jan Veselý 14 päeva tagasi
Ark players who already know that snow owl pellets serve as fertilizer and food for Gachas: "I'm 4 parallel universes ahead of you!"
Bop bo beeeeeeeeeep
Bop bo beeeeeeeeeep 16 päeva tagasi
Imagine your the owl and seeing some guy watching you for 2 months just to watch you poop and puke
D S 16 päeva tagasi
Owls are the cats of the bird world
Steven Yu
Steven Yu 25 päeva tagasi
I have dissected one in class before. It was so cool.
Lst 26 päeva tagasi
I got to dissect ow pellets in elementary school and it was one of the most interesting things i’ve done. For anyone who hasn’t dug around in owl puke, do it.
Diamond Eclipse
Diamond Eclipse 27 päeva tagasi
I remeber doing this in third grade
Hanif Ameen
Hanif Ameen Місяць tagasi
Imagine if he had to eat that
Yasmin Wolf
Yasmin Wolf Місяць tagasi
I learned this in science class in forth grade and we had a experience it was so fun
fidgetsowl Місяць tagasi
Josh Місяць tagasi
In 5th grade we dissected owl puke and I got a mouse skull but I threw it away because either smelled
The three-eyed Prophet
The three-eyed Prophet Місяць tagasi
WHY ARE EAGELS NOT MAKING PELLETS ? or any non owl type mouse eating bird?..
Vivian Guerrero
Vivian Guerrero Місяць tagasi
my teacher made us wet the coat/fur to take the pellet apart
Vivian Guerrero
Vivian Guerrero Місяць tagasi
this year in 7th grade we dissected an owls pellet and it was disgusting.
Haboon Ismacil
Haboon Ismacil Місяць tagasi
Be brave stay wild👍👌😊
H J Місяць tagasi
I did this in school on Halloween
Trishka Pestotnik
Trishka Pestotnik Місяць tagasi
The Thumbnail Is AMAZING.
The Keziah Frog & Thea Bear Show
The Keziah Frog & Thea Bear Show Місяць tagasi
Owl: " I'm gonna be sick!"
Yousef San Juan
Yousef San Juan Місяць tagasi
Does anyone still remermber "the owls of gahoole" no? Just me?... Ok.
ic3dc0ffee Місяць tagasi
Me who dissected an owl pellet and found a whole rodent skull, and then my dad made me trash it because it was gRoSs
Ralph Anthony Bolarde
Ralph Anthony Bolarde Місяць tagasi
In Philippines the word "Nyebi" it means "Snow"
Maniac Matt
Maniac Matt 2 місяці tagasi
One time I found a full muskrat skull in one of those it was super cool
Megan Cooper
Megan Cooper 2 місяці tagasi
I got to do this in elementary school. I was the only one to not use gloves lol. Was really interesting.
CoolzMcNugget 2 місяці tagasi
My grandmas driveway is full of them It looks like the cover of a heavy metal album
Zali 2 місяці tagasi
I have already done this at school and it was really cool We found 3 skulls
Crystal Ciejek
Crystal Ciejek 2 місяці tagasi
This reminds me that I have a mouse in my house I had two and my nana and mama wanted to kill them but I said no. And I eventually caught when and let it free 😃
Joshing Joe
Joshing Joe 2 місяці tagasi
Joshing Joe
Joshing Joe 2 місяці tagasi
not agien
Bens vlogs
Bens vlogs 2 місяці tagasi
I do this stuff At school do you like
DECEPTICON FRISBEE 2 місяці tagasi
Abby Leonard
Abby Leonard 2 місяці tagasi
I dissected owl pellets in 2014. It's awesome. The one I dissected had a skull from a mouse in it. We ended up rebuilding the bones into the mouse body shape and then we glued it to a piece of paper and called it art. I still have the owl pellet art.
Jorge G
Jorge G 2 місяці tagasi
Imagine doing this and you accidentally pick up a random turd💩 thinking it's an owl pellet.
Aaron Lamb
Aaron Lamb 2 місяці tagasi
Awesome episode and song!
Dylan _13
Dylan _13 2 місяці tagasi
I did this in grade four i found a mouse bones and shrew bones but they just normal owls and a girl in the year before found a tiny kitten bones
Rose The Hat
Rose The Hat 2 місяці tagasi
Oops I dissected owl pellets without a mask. What happens if you don’t wear a facial covering when dissecting them? Can you get sick?
Sumire's Bread :3
Sumire's Bread :3 2 місяці tagasi
I did this in science class few yrs ago :>
Lady Owl
Lady Owl 2 місяці tagasi
\__/ (O,-) /)_) ""
Davis 2 місяці tagasi
On the first skull, the teeth seemed too big to be a vole. It's most likely a field mouse.
JaxseenThe Bean
JaxseenThe Bean 2 місяці tagasi
Coyote and Mario thank you so much you guys are amazing you inspired me to do what I love thank you🙏
Heather Wheeler
Heather Wheeler 2 місяці tagasi
Dadadaddangg Love Music
Tooost 2 місяці tagasi
I used to go to science camp and I was touching and ripping the pellet to find the bones and everybody was grossed out except me
Ian Burke
Ian Burke 2 місяці tagasi
Always fun to do and see what owls eat
nathan head
nathan head 2 місяці tagasi
Dissecting owl pellets are actually pretty cool.
liah 2 місяці tagasi
i did this in science camp and found a skull in it 🤭
Khaliqa Spencer
Khaliqa Spencer 2 місяці tagasi
So this is the owl equivalent of hairballs lol
Dingi Ahmedov
Dingi Ahmedov 2 місяці tagasi
This is just unrealistically cool and interesting! I want to follow in Coyote's footsteps and become a wildlife expert too.
ꨄ- Ace -ꨄ
ꨄ- Ace -ꨄ 2 місяці tagasi
I did this in 3rd grade for science
Benjamin Coombs
Benjamin Coombs 2 місяці tagasi
Owl be like "bleh!"
Digital art by Salha
Digital art by Salha 2 місяці tagasi
I have also have dug up a owl pellet.
Alona Boyd
Alona Boyd 2 місяці tagasi
" O w l. P u k e " d e l i c i o u s :> j u m m y
nohoohno 2 місяці tagasi
I did this at school once.
Crystal H
Crystal H 2 місяці tagasi
Owl pellets
Destined Merican Patriot
Destined Merican Patriot 2 місяці tagasi
i thought they were talking about fish food when they said pellets
Memer 2 місяці tagasi
Wait that's coyote Peterson wow it's been a 1 year since I watched u
Patricia Wlodarczyk
Patricia Wlodarczyk 2 місяці tagasi
We did this in school when I was in third grade and we had the gains out what kind of animal the owl ate. It was wired but very fun.
Davis 2 місяці tagasi
I remember doing this in third grade
Jack McMurray
Jack McMurray 2 місяці tagasi
I've actually had to dissect an owl pellet once
Peroxic 2 місяці tagasi
I did this in grade 3,4 and 5
Sea Bass
Sea Bass 2 місяці tagasi
Put them nugs in ur grinder.
Itz Fireyyy
Itz Fireyyy 3 місяці tagasi
I did this at my summer camp...
Ren NL
Ren NL 3 місяці tagasi
I think you both won :)
RikozFN 3 місяці tagasi
I dissected these in 3rd grade and when I realized it was owl puke my body went cold
zamane1234 3 місяці tagasi
Mario: "The regurgitated pieces of undigested food" Coyote: *"PUKE"*
blezzard66 3 місяці tagasi
Me be like: coyote why you ain’t shaving your beard Ne again: 😅😅😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
blezzard66 3 місяці tagasi
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller 3 місяці tagasi
Ummm?owl pelits?
Cowboy Jason
Cowboy Jason 3 місяці tagasi
I don't remember
Cowboy Jason
Cowboy Jason 3 місяці tagasi
Or it could be pelits
Cowboy Jason
Cowboy Jason 3 місяці tagasi
When I saw the owl it was yellow and liquidly its nature but its disturbing and disgusting
Cowboy Jason
Cowboy Jason 3 місяці tagasi
I did this in pali but not poop its something that I can't say it but its from a owl that you can find little birds skulls bones but it was cool
yakelin Campos
yakelin Campos 3 місяці tagasi
The sad thing is that I did that💩
Charlie 3 місяці tagasi
I had no idea Coyote was Sir Shootsalot.
bella is the name of my dog
bella is the name of my dog 3 місяці tagasi
Mario: here take it Coyote: oKaY
Adam Hunter
Adam Hunter 3 місяці tagasi
I did that in science class
Rayla TyT
Rayla TyT 3 місяці tagasi
My school went there on a field tripp
Carson Rogers
Carson Rogers 3 місяці tagasi
I have to dissect those at a school field trip
ChrisndMario Nolasco
ChrisndMario Nolasco 3 місяці tagasi
Ella Aknes
Ella Aknes 3 місяці tagasi
This thumbnail is just beautiful
Jeyson Vasquez
Jeyson Vasquez 3 місяці tagasi
Oh yeah I have one of those bones and I still have them my teacher order a lot of those and I dug thru it and I found a skull not sure what type of skull it is but still very cool
Fixairplane 3 місяці tagasi
HelloNoodles1 3 місяці tagasi
Mmmmmm chocolate
Ashleigh Ngin
Ashleigh Ngin 3 місяці tagasi
Coyote: “Be Brave!” Mario: “Stay Fluffy?”
James Bartoni
James Bartoni 3 місяці tagasi
In 5th grade I tore apart and owl pellet and I found five mice skulls or the appropriate word is dissect
JLRR Guerra
JLRR Guerra 3 місяці tagasi
Most epic tale ever!!! LOL 😂😝 How I feel when watching:😟😳😖🤢 Coyote and Mario: 😁🤩🤩 It’s still cool though!
AddTRM Official
AddTRM Official 3 місяці tagasi
I got to pull apart owl pellets in third grade, but I don’t know what kind of owl was though.
Charissa Nyo
Charissa Nyo 3 місяці tagasi
Mario went weird like he was hypnotized before Coyote held the bag of owl pellets, noice I love weirdness
ink love bendy love
ink love bendy love 3 місяці tagasi
Owls have legs because in the poop video I saw legs
Levi Kater
Levi Kater 3 місяці tagasi
We did this with biology class with about a year of collected owl pallets. It's incredibly fun to do
Yogendra Yadav
Yogendra Yadav 3 місяці tagasi
Dissection begins at 6:00.
Mandy Whitaker
Mandy Whitaker 3 місяці tagasi
Anyone else do this is school or am I the only onw
super_pug_506 3 місяці tagasi
EW I remember having to open one in 3rd grade ;-;
Pebbles The Cat
Pebbles The Cat 3 місяці tagasi
I’ve done this before it’s so cool
AKM4L • AIM4N 3 місяці tagasi
Wow the music video and the song at the end just so beautiful
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