I Ran into a Cactus Maze Blindfolded!

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Brave Wilderness

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On this episode, Mark is doing the unthinkable... he's entering a cactus maze BLINDFOLDED! Yep, you heard that right, he's taking on the Ultimate Cholla Challenge -- also known as the sharpest maze in the world! So, how badly will these spiky nightmares hurt... and will he reach the prize at the end?! Watch now to find out!

Illustrations by the talented Meredith Joyce-Houghton
Cake provided by Baker's Layne of Los Angeles
Microscopic images by Dr. Hunter Hines

Welcome to Adventures With Me - a series featuring expeditions with Brave Wilderness co-creator Mark Vins that will take the Brave Crew to new heights and explore everywhere under the sun. From destinations far and wide, we will embark upon extreme adventures to learn about nature and science all at the same time!

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The Brave Wilderness hosts and crew are professionally trained but receive assistance from animal experts and safety personnel when in potentially life-threatening situations. Permissions were obtained by the crew to film in all locations associated with this series. No animals were injured, killed, or removed from their natural habitat in the filming of this program and instances where animals are brought to the scene are clearly acknowledged in the video. Professional advice should always be sought before entering any dangerous environment, or before encountering any species of animal. Every precaution is taken to handle animals with care and in the least stressful way possible; expert opinions are often solicited when handling animals that may potentially inflict harm to any cast and crew.

Brave Wilderness
Brave Wilderness 2 місяці tagasi
Should I go live and do a QA this afternoon??? Thank to everyone for watching, I answered a lot of comments already...seems everyone is really digging this new video! -Mark Vins
Joy Sievers
Joy Sievers 10 päeva tagasi
You’re not good man is there a new one
Andy Rivera
Andy Rivera 16 päeva tagasi
Ouch like a bandit
Trey 816
Trey 816 2 місяці tagasi
I missed it. Darn.
Tonia Malone
Tonia Malone 2 місяці tagasi
Do a video of WildCraft game
Tonia Malone
Tonia Malone 2 місяці tagasi
My name is Amir
My name is Amir 7 tundi tagasi
How get a check
SethTheNightGamer 15 tundi tagasi
Is cayote still part of the show I only see mark anymore
Forever Young
Forever Young 18 tundi tagasi
Glad to see Mark taking/getting a bigger role
x_x DEADEMOJI x_x 19 tundi tagasi
Talk about poetic justice cause now he feels coyote's pain. He should be asking is he ok?
Stuttery Steamer Productions
Stuttery Steamer Productions 20 tundi tagasi
Now go back through it with drunk goggles, backwards, wearing nothing BUT a cup and boxers.
Stuttery Steamer Productions
Stuttery Steamer Productions 20 tundi tagasi
*remembers the Teddy Bear cactus* *Vietnam flashbacks*
Mark Leon
Mark Leon 21 tund tagasi
I have seen rule 1 broken so many times. Someone with a fist wrapped around a cholla is pretty common. Sticks work best
Mark Leon
Mark Leon 22 tundi tagasi
As some of lives in that area and works every day outside I can them things are no joke. Crashed a dirt bike into one and wanted to die.
Danial 23 tundi tagasi
کص خل درمان نداره
Marlex Flint
Marlex Flint Päev tagasi
Imagine being alone and blind in a desert....
Christian Wiksten
Christian Wiksten Päev tagasi
overreacting ,and everything is fine when explaining how to use the comb
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams Päev tagasi
3:02 ...Also known as a masochist's walk of bliss...
Cheryl Maurer
Cheryl Maurer Päev tagasi
A m x
A m x Päev tagasi
Ooofff o my goooodddddd
blox Frost
blox Frost Päev tagasi
That much just for a cake
ru zain
ru zain Päev tagasi
WTF today is mu turn🤣🤣🤣
OneFineDay 2 päeva tagasi
You're in the Arizona Sonoran desert but couldn't find a favorite Arizona bakery? 🤔
P C 2 päeva tagasi
Your amazing
Justin Cabrera
Justin Cabrera 2 päeva tagasi
come on man that scene where he hits his ding dong really affected every male species in the entire planet.
Oliver Kodet
Oliver Kodet 2 päeva tagasi
Mans better get paid fat for this
Evelynn Leung
Evelynn Leung 2 päeva tagasi
There’s no way I’m doing this for a video or a cake
rachel siew
rachel siew 3 päeva tagasi
Now, if you can't find any sticks... just LOOK HARDER.
XxyournamexX 3 päeva tagasi
Woooow buddy what’s going on 0:16
John Robson
John Robson 3 päeva tagasi
A hair comb works well for removal..
McJackson 4 päeva tagasi
This is the most evil thing I've seen on this channel jesus christ
ASK KRISHY 4 päeva tagasi
Stop torchering ur self
Anita Ramiro
Anita Ramiro 5 päeva tagasi
Master david The leopard
Master david The leopard 5 päeva tagasi
04:57 “go straight” ...into the balls.
Taylor Patterson
Taylor Patterson 6 päeva tagasi
Isaac Parkman
Isaac Parkman 6 päeva tagasi
His balls 5:14
snail man
snail man 6 päeva tagasi
SlayyyW/ Abbbyyy
SlayyyW/ Abbbyyy 7 päeva tagasi
MountainBikingTime 7 päeva tagasi
5:14 Feel The Pain...
Brown Candy
Brown Candy 7 päeva tagasi
You damn fool... Thanks anyway for the video
DalayneS 7 päeva tagasi
Sometimes mark, u just gotta ask yourself is the cake really worth it 😂
Battle That changed the fat of America
Battle That changed the fat of America 8 päeva tagasi
Since mark has so much pain tolerance and he’s screaming you no it hurts
Wendy Lu
Wendy Lu 9 päeva tagasi
I am like because I am not in a desert 🌵
Abdullah J.
Abdullah J. 9 päeva tagasi
Redneck Sam
Redneck Sam 9 päeva tagasi
The ones on the junk had to hurt the most
Mohd Khir Rashidy
Mohd Khir Rashidy 10 päeva tagasi
Slow mo the part at 11:10 and see at mark mouth
Midnight Beats
Midnight Beats 10 päeva tagasi
That must hurt he had one right in his nuts
Samuel Antolick
Samuel Antolick 10 päeva tagasi
Honestly this is something me and my friends should go out and do I would do this for fun The horrible horrible pain can be mitigated by the hilarious sight of my friends in horrible horrible pain
William Cozart
William Cozart 12 päeva tagasi
Ge got one stuck hanging from his tippy, OUCH! Hey leave it pierced bro, like a Prince Albert or whatever it's called.
William Cozart
William Cozart 12 päeva tagasi
Oh he had a damn cup? Wuss.
King Robinbin
King Robinbin 13 päeva tagasi
If I was in that challenge, I would quit the challenge before it starts because I am scared of cactuses.
Komodo Does Stuff
Komodo Does Stuff 13 päeva tagasi
tbh it must feel relieving to remove the spikes.
jen patrocinio
jen patrocinio 14 päeva tagasi
The cake looks so good
Liis Lopsik
Liis Lopsik 15 päeva tagasi
We have these at school...
luis gustavo
luis gustavo 16 päeva tagasi
is this like nature's saw series trap? _Hello Vins, i want to play a game with you. All your life you've been hiding behind the cameras, watching your partner suffer in multiple ways, but now is your turn..._
kameron 16 päeva tagasi
Is croch 😵
Kiki 16 päeva tagasi
I only discovered this channel tonight and now I’m binge watching people getting hurt 😅
Rod Turner
Rod Turner 16 päeva tagasi
Hey Mark, did you get a pay bump? I would certainly hope so :)
The Aminudiens
The Aminudiens 16 päeva tagasi
How brave
Marshall Redmon
Marshall Redmon 16 päeva tagasi
It's the ones between the legs I feel so sorry for him
Foxy Swindlers
Foxy Swindlers 17 päeva tagasi
My only question is: Why?
Will Wild's Outdoor Adventures
Will Wild's Outdoor Adventures 17 päeva tagasi
Money is one hell of a drung lol, hell no! We have these out here found one the hard way on my leg, grabbed it then immediately regretted it. The I flicked it off my hand that does work but I flicked it back onto my leg. At that point I got my knife out to scrape it off. This guy man wow what a pair.
NocturnalistV 17 päeva tagasi
Why though ?
Xander Cholette
Xander Cholette 17 päeva tagasi
The cake wasn’t a lie, how the turn tables.
John Guerin
John Guerin 17 päeva tagasi
This is crazy all this for some 🎂 ouch
Abyss Lector
Abyss Lector 18 päeva tagasi
Cholla: Welcome to my realm despite your foolishness, you are brave to escape my realm
Efe Duran
Efe Duran 18 päeva tagasi
10:33 wtf
Vortex Crew
Vortex Crew 19 päeva tagasi
Man that was a bad idea!
xenon inert
xenon inert 19 päeva tagasi
his main one is gone
xenon inert
xenon inert 19 päeva tagasi
Benny John
Benny John 19 päeva tagasi
Omg he's very pain 😥😢
14k 20 päeva tagasi
Imagine how many catus prickles he had to pull out.
Charlotte x
Charlotte x 20 päeva tagasi
Mark is kinda hot ngl... 😳 😆
Ninja Kitty
Ninja Kitty 20 päeva tagasi
It's painful enough to get stuck accidentally but to do something that will guarantee that you will get stuck by a Cholla is insanity
John Dalton
John Dalton 21 päev tagasi
100% Stupidity !
D-LYVE UNIVERSAL 21 päev tagasi
Lmao worst guide ever, so delayed he let some of those happen xD
Angela Scotney
Angela Scotney 22 päeva tagasi
Oh no.
Dan Vogel
Dan Vogel 22 päeva tagasi
this is painful to watch
Jade Foss
Jade Foss 22 päeva tagasi
your crazy but cool
noob boon
noob boon 22 päeva tagasi
what is even the point?
The Magical Doge
The Magical Doge 22 päeva tagasi
What are the spikes for and why do they need be hard to get out?
R3tzu 22 päeva tagasi
What type of cactus is that?
Beatrix Chiu
Beatrix Chiu 22 päeva tagasi
Okay just for fun I wanna make a comparison, not saying cyote is bad or anything Cyote: ahhhhhhhh ooooooooooo awwwwwwwwwwww that hurtssssssss sooo badddddd awwww mannnn I cannttttttt nooo eknekwnskdbdjdndjnss Mark: aww that hurtssssssss oooo okay next one
Termites C. Aardwolf
Termites C. Aardwolf 23 päeva tagasi
Just imagine if some wild animal ran by and swiped the cake before he could even get to it.
Dark Killer yt
Dark Killer yt 23 päeva tagasi
I fell so bad for mark
ELLYA KARREL 23 päeva tagasi
This is Deep web content :v
Lyntorius Moore
Lyntorius Moore 23 päeva tagasi
Guys seriously go to a hospital
Lina Bedhyef
Lina Bedhyef 23 päeva tagasi
Yeah I seen the guy who was screaming from the cactus anyone else’s saw it?
Daily Holocene posts
Daily Holocene posts 24 päeva tagasi
Bro every time I watch his vids he never dies he’s a immortal he can’t get killed
Footballfusion_gods Laken
Footballfusion_gods Laken 24 päeva tagasi
All I can say is r.I.p
e a s t h e t i c f l o w e r s
e a s t h e t i c f l o w e r s 25 päeva tagasi
I live in Arizona but this is just crazy☠️
Maria Ackerman
Maria Ackerman 25 päeva tagasi
Alternative title: Try not to get pricked by a jumping cholia challenge.
Jef Natuurfilmer
Jef Natuurfilmer 26 päeva tagasi
It looks like it hurts alot.
Jef Natuurfilmer
Jef Natuurfilmer 26 päeva tagasi
Mark You have really changed
LizardTube 26 päeva tagasi
Is this guy crazy!!!! It's so hurt if the cactus thing spikes at your balls
nobody 123
nobody 123 26 päeva tagasi
I feel bad for mark but at least he got the cake
Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken 27 päeva tagasi
I live in Arizona and these cactus come out of nowhere
RI’S WORLD 27 päeva tagasi
I feel so bad at the beginning I hope he feels better * if this is an old vid and he is fine, then sorry!*
Jayme Kemp
Jayme Kemp 28 päeva tagasi
*rips* mark: pffffff ohhhhh yup that was the worst one
Jayme Kemp
Jayme Kemp 28 päeva tagasi
This is so funny too
Lizard Games
Lizard Games 28 päeva tagasi
I wonder if thick jeans will help
BluntHunter 28 päeva tagasi
You’ll get even more views and subscribers if u do more videos like this
MasterDon 28 päeva tagasi
Why ?
Kazekage Toriyama
Kazekage Toriyama 29 päeva tagasi
EJSAUSE 29 päeva tagasi
rohan kunツ
rohan kunツ 29 päeva tagasi
0:17 ooooooooo in the bbb
Kole Wheeler
Kole Wheeler 29 päeva tagasi
His private zone got in the spike zone
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