Dare me to eat SNAKE FRUIT?

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In this episode of On Location, Coyote and the crew are in Costa Rica and they've come across some big fuzzy fruits -- also known as SNAKE FRUIT! So, they definitely are strange-looking, but what does snake fruit taste like? Get ready to find out as Coyote test-tastes the fuzzy fruits!

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Putri Azizah Lestari
Putri Azizah Lestari 3 tundi tagasi
Hello from Indonesiaaaa🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 salak fruit😋
Kenzy1604 6 tundi tagasi
There name fruit in my country in Indonesia name is salak
Griya Kamardikan
Griya Kamardikan 10 tundi tagasi
Orang dari indo bilek-_- = itu salak bukan snake(ular) bambangk🗿
J-Music 10 tundi tagasi
😂 If it makes you mouth go dry, it's not ripe yet. In Indonesia you can buy those in local markets
Nick Messier
Nick Messier 11 tundi tagasi
This editing put me into a depression
saputera chaniago
saputera chaniago 12 tundi tagasi
Salak. Snake snake, ribet dahh
Op frog
Op frog 14 tundi tagasi
Did u eat b-ball-s
LION GAMING 16 tundi tagasi
Because i live in indonesia
LION GAMING 16 tundi tagasi
I loveeee thatt
Charlie Furlong
Charlie Furlong 17 tundi tagasi
Baydi Bay
Baydi Bay 18 tundi tagasi
Buah salak
Hapin 7164
Hapin 7164 19 tundi tagasi
Agis Geming文法
Agis Geming文法 20 tundi tagasi
it's Indonesian forest
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 20 tundi tagasi
That looks like balls... Uhh
Zack T.D
Zack T.D 21 tund tagasi
Bro who edited this. These emojis need to be stoped
iHop_ Luna
iHop_ Luna Päev tagasi
owendavidson24 Päev tagasi
Wonder who said wow that looks like a good food to eat 🤣🤣
MYRZA ARIFF Päev tagasi
in malaysia,we call it'buah salak'
SIX_ MAN_ Päev tagasi
Thailand has a lot of this fruit and I really like it.
Khadimuddin Päev tagasi
u can find more in Indonesia, called "salak"
Nguyễn Đức Tín
Nguyễn Đức Tín Päev tagasi
trái mây =))))
Eer Err
Eer Err Päev tagasi
This is a kaorat
Qb Majid
Qb Majid Päev tagasi
devil FRUIT >:D
JkLime Päev tagasi
Man I wish america had crazy trees like that, I'm from Pennsylvania so at least I can say I got variety but no crazy spike fruit trees 😂
Zack T.D
Zack T.D 21 tund tagasi
Same bro. We down bad 😂
GD.Oh!GG 2 päeva tagasi
You can stew it, add a little bit chilli, sugar, and salt.
Destoroyah perfect type
Destoroyah perfect type 2 päeva tagasi
They look like snake eggs
Dwi Prasetya
Dwi Prasetya 2 päeva tagasi
This is "salak" fruit from indonesia
Bang Bagus
Bang Bagus 2 päeva tagasi
hello, I'm from Indonesia, do snakes nest around salak fruit?
XxAizxX 2 päeva tagasi
This episode is also sponsored by MANSCAPE :P
iTz_ itzanu.
iTz_ itzanu. 2 päeva tagasi
3:36 looks like an a§§ whit hair :)))))
Yusran R
Yusran R 3 päeva tagasi
that fruit is delicious
#Ahmad Rosidi*
#Ahmad Rosidi* 3 päeva tagasi
Salak from indonesia
Agis Geming文法
Agis Geming文法 20 tundi tagasi
Good that's Indonesian bark
Zezarico gaming
Zezarico gaming 3 päeva tagasi
And my sister is afraid of it 😂😂
Zezarico gaming
Zezarico gaming 3 päeva tagasi
In Indonesia the name of that fruit is salak
Night:p Kids35
Night:p Kids35 3 päeva tagasi
In my country we eat that fruit sometime it juicy sweet and sour
Ray Maxmillian
Ray Maxmillian 3 päeva tagasi
indo people be like = we eat that every day
Frizzy Frizzy
Frizzy Frizzy 3 päeva tagasi
Tinggal bilang salak aja
Mouza Alshehhi
Mouza Alshehhi 4 päeva tagasi
Coyote: if you are human Me: so there are Animals watching Kitty-cat : mewww Dogyy boo: offff 😂😂
Larn Regis
Larn Regis 4 päeva tagasi
Found this in Berlin on the Thai Park. The fruits looked so strange and since i've never seen them before, i had to buy a little box with them. They are pretty interesting. Mine were very juicy and not starchy at all. They taste sweet and a bit sour, very refreshing. The outer smell was a bit strange as it reminded me of cleaning agent and i'm not sure if it's the fruit or some stuff used to make them transportable and last longer.
Rainbow flamez
Rainbow flamez 4 päeva tagasi
I love them ;-;
Kris Willems
Kris Willems 4 päeva tagasi
I don't like them. The juice sticks to your throat. They sell them here as commercial fruit in Thailand. I think the most common English name is just salak.
BagmanRS 4 päeva tagasi
Salak is soo good I like it and it's common in indo
Zidan Mahendra
Zidan Mahendra 4 päeva tagasi
In indonesia we call it salak fruit
17_Made danu artha suryawan
17_Made danu artha suryawan 4 päeva tagasi
Yea i eat this fruit every day it's delicious
Qwbo 5 päeva tagasi
why cant you eat the seed?
Maup381 5 päeva tagasi
Itu salak mank
Maup381 4 päeva tagasi
@I YANN apaan semangka itu
I YANN 5 päeva tagasi
I YANN 5 päeva tagasi
Iku Nongko up ga salak
Aldo Wisnu Wardhana
Aldo Wisnu Wardhana 5 päeva tagasi
It's called Salak in Indonesia... It's one of Indonesia's favourite fruit.... The best ones comes from Pondoh in Yogjakarta.. Pleasé come here, so I can show you how to eat Salak.... 😁
_Kendalmarie_ 07
_Kendalmarie_ 07 5 päeva tagasi
the amount of ball references in this video🤣💀
Yu Qian
Yu Qian 6 päeva tagasi
You should go on Americans got talent !
Captain Galaxy
Captain Galaxy 6 päeva tagasi
These don’t look natural at all lol besides looking like a, you know what, 😂 I strongly believe this fruit was lab made then planted and “discovered”
Kunnuk O
Kunnuk O 6 päeva tagasi
1:20 “The habidah”
witaa wit
witaa wit 6 päeva tagasi
Lmao snake ahahaha, in my country its like "SALAK"
Ikhwan Muzhaffar
Ikhwan Muzhaffar 6 päeva tagasi
In Malaysia...we also called it "Salak" same as Indonesian pronunciation
frankie 3028 ✔
frankie 3028 ✔ 7 päeva tagasi
Hi coyote 🐆🦌🐄🦁🐴🦌🐆🐘🐘🐄🐁🦕🦎🦕🦋🦈🐊🦈🦎🐡🐌🦈🐚🐡🐌🌹🐞🌹🌸🐛🐟🐟🐳🐬🐋🦥🐖🐃🐒🦍🦮🦧🗿
pro  gamer
pro gamer 7 päeva tagasi
વોવ એ સનકે ફ્રુઇત Coyote લ ટ્રયેદ ઈટ બેફોરે Coyote
pro  gamer
pro gamer 7 päeva tagasi
Coyote : ફિંગ્સ Me: યા થાટસ ફિંગર લ સ્પેક 🇸🇬 સોં Coyote યોર વિડ્સ અરે સોં ગુડ એન્ડ કૂલ Coyote લ લોવે યોર વિડ્સ
Leandro Criollo
Leandro Criollo 7 päeva tagasi
Snake Fruits o Frutos de serpiente, mejor conocidos como arganes, son frutos extremadamente buenos, sin embargo, una de las frutas más fatales del mundo. Su letalidad es que una persona come ese tipo de fruta en exceso o diariamente 48 veces, ya que puede provocar graves síntomas como nausea, marea, gripe, tos grave, jakeka, disfunción aguda pulmonar, diarrea, envenenamiento del sistema nervioso y el shock que conduce de vía a la muerte.
Muhamad Riski
Muhamad Riski 7 päeva tagasi
Halo saya dari indonesia Me from indonesia
Irfan Alf
Irfan Alf 7 päeva tagasi
usually it's called in indo Indonesia salak
Marximus 8 päeva tagasi
Yeah sure looks like figs looks like snake skin aha
crayo cat
crayo cat 8 päeva tagasi
alternate title: coyote's videos have emojis for the first time
Darkizer 9 päeva tagasi
coyote : it's look like a snake ! me : it's look like a ballsack
9 päeva tagasi
stop with the emojis please
RatKingPlayz 9 päeva tagasi
Sutarma Gede
Sutarma Gede 9 päeva tagasi
Im from indonesia and i love to eat it it call salak
layla girl*
layla girl* 10 päeva tagasi
You can eat it is safe! 😋
seni video aku
seni video aku 10 päeva tagasi
I my country malaysia,we call buah salak
Ramadhan Izzulhaq
Ramadhan Izzulhaq 10 päeva tagasi
White people discovered salak fruit
ncdental lee
ncdental lee 11 päeva tagasi
RHODOSTOMA 11 päeva tagasi
I love eating salak.
Irkham Wibowo
Irkham Wibowo 11 päeva tagasi
anjiir, jdi pengen makan salak😂😂😂
Maraculous lady bug
Maraculous lady bug 11 päeva tagasi
I like rambutan
og name
og name 12 päeva tagasi
Fairuz Daiva
Fairuz Daiva 12 päeva tagasi
Its called Salak in indonesia, Its sweet and little bit sour
Irisxy 12 päeva tagasi
In Thailand we have a lot of that fruit we usually eat with and ice and syrup or make it in to ice cream it sour sweet so refreshing
Fadlullah Baso
Fadlullah Baso 12 päeva tagasi
I Like Salak 👍🏻
Mas Dan
Mas Dan 13 päeva tagasi
Yeee, my country fruit, Indopride. Hahaha
karl wilice
karl wilice 13 päeva tagasi
i live in indonesia
Shuen Yang
Shuen Yang 13 päeva tagasi
Eat a tiny one
Perla Medrano
Perla Medrano 13 päeva tagasi
Hearing him describe it makes me think of Membrillo
Pat Thitaram
Pat Thitaram 14 päeva tagasi
In Asia snake fruits are extremely common in markets
Yodha Pratama
Yodha Pratama 14 päeva tagasi
Itu kan cuma SALAK astagfirullah
ᬓ᭄ᬭᬶᬲ᭄ᬦ᭟ 14 päeva tagasi
Ffs it’s just salak
Ami Illustrator
Ami Illustrator 14 päeva tagasi
Lmao my grandma eat those every single day. Not me
Jonathan Pierson
Jonathan Pierson 15 päeva tagasi
Ah.. the delicious fuzzy ball sack fruit.
Gilang Fahlevi
Gilang Fahlevi 15 päeva tagasi
I as an indonesian really often to eat this fruit, its even on my family’s dinner table
akshay kumar
akshay kumar 15 päeva tagasi
Should have named them Satan's testicles fruit
apit husky channel
apit husky channel 15 päeva tagasi
In indonesia we call it salak
xx Unolg xx
xx Unolg xx 15 päeva tagasi
Please stop the emojis
Cheryl Essheya
Cheryl Essheya 15 päeva tagasi
You can find this fruit in borneo "Malaysia" too . We call it salak fruit
Norfa Yoga
Norfa Yoga 15 päeva tagasi
It's just 'salak'
LocalFit Channel
LocalFit Channel 15 päeva tagasi
In Malaysia called SALAK
WesRein Gaming
WesRein Gaming 15 päeva tagasi
Coyote : Snake fruit Me : "SALAK" (Indonesia) I love salak 💓
galuh ramadhani
galuh ramadhani 15 päeva tagasi
That's the salak fruit from Indonesia,
Jae Dope TV
Jae Dope TV 15 päeva tagasi
ballz fruit
Raku Ookami
Raku Ookami 15 päeva tagasi
Thats a common fruit in my countryy
song mashes
song mashes 16 päeva tagasi
It looks lika but in the inside
Zalhasmi Naqiuddin
Zalhasmi Naqiuddin 16 päeva tagasi
Most of them are in Malaysia
Kuzon #34 MC
Kuzon #34 MC 16 päeva tagasi
in my country call "salak fruit it delicous sweet sour
Muhammad K. Ahsan
Muhammad K. Ahsan 16 päeva tagasi
Itu salak coeg, enak
OhHellNahAM 16 päeva tagasi
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