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Welcome to the first episode of our new limited series, Ranger Exchange! Get ready for Rangers Tayla McCurdy and Tristan Dicks to take you on adventures like never before. This episode features andBeyond and the African Pangolin Working Group and the amazing work that they have done at the forefront of trying to save the most illegally trafficked animal on the planet, the Pangolin. The Pangolin is a creature facing extinction - but not if we can help it! Get ready to meet Ramfy, aka Rockstar, a Pangolin who was rescued from poachers by the African Pangolin Working Group -- and learn how YOU can help save the world's most trafficked animal!

Thank you to the African Pangolin Working Group and all of the work that they do! Organizations like this group rely on donations. Visit their website for more information and to help save the world's most trafficked animal:
Follow the African Pangolin Working Group on social media: @africanpangolinconservation

Another big thank you to andBeyond! Visit their website for more information on their lodges and safari camps:

Created by: Jim Kolotouros

Executive Producers: Jim Kolotouros, Coyote Peterson \u0026 Beau Sedivy

Produced \u0026 Directed by: Rowan Pybus

Hosts: Tayla McCurdy and Tristan Dicks

Edited by:
Lufefe Figlan
Rowan Pybus
Colleen Knox
Andrea Shaw

Music by: Mama Dance Studio

Voiceover by: Silas Lekgoathi

Director of Photography: Jeandre Gerding

Camera Operators \u0026 Sound:
Lufefe Figlan
Jeandre Gerding
Rowan Pybus

Production Manager:
Shanna Freedman

Associate Producer:
Jonathan Zepp

Xianmacamplayz Tund tagasi
Bro it's sanshrew
Nightblade Hawk
Nightblade Hawk 6 tundi tagasi
Pangolins are such amazing animals and it makes me sad to know that they get trafficked that much. Glad that little guy is free though. :)
REKT BOi 14 tundi tagasi
Mitch Clark
Mitch Clark 2 päeva tagasi
Survivor: Africa / All-Stars intro music at 8:05 anyone?
Tommaso Putignano
Tommaso Putignano 4 päeva tagasi
Wow, I can't believe pangolins are trafficked only for money... Human is such a cruel species...
Scorpion 5 päeva tagasi
Now that thing called a pangoulunm or whatever it’s called is definitely some sort of Dinosaur Also fun fact u haven’t watched the whole video yet Just jokes
Mudi Boy
Mudi Boy 5 päeva tagasi
This animal is exotic cuz it’s sheik shells
Aremz 6 päeva tagasi
When Barry said: " You know like there are times where you feel tears in your eyes" Same😭😭, Pangolins deserved to live, humans doesn't have the right to traffic and kill this endangered beautiful animals
Jose Arreguin
Jose Arreguin 18 päeva tagasi
It’s so cute when it walks 😍
Francis Asabre
Francis Asabre 24 päeva tagasi
Not even gonna lie, I went to Ghana (background country) and they were selling Pangolins all over the place. lol was pre sad to see this endangered species being sold to cook.
GamingBro 28 päeva tagasi
Put that with a gator bam t rex
Sattelite 28 päeva tagasi
themeez1000 Місяць tagasi
Pangolin, the closest thing we have to an actual Pokémon. Lol
UnicornCraziness×AdoptMe Місяць tagasi
it is an glyptodon. But some people do say it is from a dinosaur species.
Wayne_Twitch Місяць tagasi
These are what people think covid came from fyi
Matt Louie
Matt Louie Місяць tagasi
This animal is my favorite small and has a form of protection in nature
-- Місяць tagasi
Fun Fact: When Pangolins reach full adulthood, they become B-52 Bombers
Munozl360 Місяць tagasi
Humanity: do not traffic or eat this endangered animal Chinese: why? They must be hiding something delicious, ill take your entire stock!
lamar jones
lamar jones Місяць tagasi
Ethan Flores
Ethan Flores Місяць tagasi
Qwerty Місяць tagasi
Pangolins are my favorite animal! I love them so much.
KatastrophicNoodle Місяць tagasi
Bruh the only thing she cared about was the fact another woman exists. So sexist.
Muhammad Amirul Hafiz
Muhammad Amirul Hafiz Місяць tagasi
We also have pangolins in Malaysia!
Captain FEels
Captain FEels Місяць tagasi
I really wanted to be a ranger when I was a kid 🥺🥺 my parents wouldn't let me.
leKoraxx Місяць tagasi
It walks like General Grievous
James Flores
James Flores Місяць tagasi
Ah maybe try to educate the chinese people not to eat everything that moves.
Cassidy Johnson
Cassidy Johnson Місяць tagasi
Save the pangolins
Pikablu _25
Pikablu _25 Місяць tagasi
StewChainz Місяць tagasi
They made sandshrew from Pokémon into a real thing 😱
Divine Raccoon
Divine Raccoon Місяць tagasi
*The Invading Tyrant intensifies*
REAPER.666 Місяць tagasi
Arent the a bloody ripper of an animal. Seriously cute
S N E K Місяць tagasi
*WELCOME TO HIGH RANK MHW* btw look up "bazelgeuise memes" To understand the joke
Lennart Hoekveen
Lennart Hoekveen Місяць tagasi
Words fail to describe Barry's heroism!!
Andy47357 Місяць tagasi
didn’t think the sandshrew in pokémon was real
CupidsHD Місяць tagasi
No weres coyote
Victor Murillo
Victor Murillo Місяць tagasi
How do they walk on two legs? That’s bananas
Brittany A
Brittany A Місяць tagasi
My favorite animal!!
HarryYT Місяць tagasi
Our panGOALian is to save the pangolians!!!
Slim Swivel
Slim Swivel Місяць tagasi
Even on the internet, I can’t escape from Bazelgeuse
youmakemelaugh Місяць tagasi
Looks like Godzilla. It’s sad that people care more about the Godzilla movies than the real Godzillas.
Komahs Місяць tagasi
Wasn’t this the animal that started covid?
Michelle Forrester
Michelle Forrester Місяць tagasi
Totally enjoyed learning more about the special Pangolin, loved the way he connected with Barry who looked after him . Heartbreaking the poaching in incredible numbers nearly too extinction, makes you cry but we can do our bit to support the groups that are trying their best to protect them Gotta love Barry , his wisdom, love of Phinda and the animals and environment is infectious, I wish him all the best Well done Tristan and Tayla for taking us on that journey, look forward to the next
coxx in soxx
coxx in soxx Місяць tagasi
I knew it was a pangolin from wild kratts, lol.
Al Touray
Al Touray Місяць tagasi
Knuckles!- Wait, wrong mammal.
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus Місяць tagasi
Humans are actually the most trafficked animal so. Btw that dude's last name is extremely unfortunate for him, but hilarious to me
aj morales
aj morales Місяць tagasi
One of my favorite animal!!! Pangolins!!!!
Riyan Thomas
Riyan Thomas Місяць tagasi
hope these cute digging beasts stay alive till the end of the earth
Rose The Hat
Rose The Hat Місяць tagasi
It’s weird not seeing the usual crew haha! It’s so sad that the pangolin is on the brink of extinction. It’s also incredibly sad how cruelly some people treat them. I’m so happy that there’s a conservation program for these awesome creatures!
lιllιαи мσяgυє
lιllιαи мσяgυє Місяць tagasi
a sandshrew. or a sandslash
Sluggy Місяць tagasi
still in disbelief that Randy fkd one of these & caused covid
TOXIC GODZILLA 2 місяці tagasi
Wow talk about a dinosaur
Gojirazillasaurus Zilla
Gojirazillasaurus Zilla 2 місяці tagasi
Hey coyote did you know in Australia there some kangaroos that are friken buff 💪 🦘
Ibrahim Abd allh
Ibrahim Abd allh 2 місяці tagasi
Are we not gonna talk about his name mhhmk....
Merlyn Myrkur
Merlyn Myrkur 2 місяці tagasi
We need more people like these heroes!
jewani Sadamali
jewani Sadamali 2 місяці tagasi
Killing a such poor animal for money .. I don't know if anyone can do that. ... from now on We can take participants to save mother nature and her beauties.
catherine carden
catherine carden 2 місяці tagasi
I feel so bad for the animals that have to get shot from poachers!
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname 2 місяці tagasi
Oh cool, a sandshrew
Buddy Bacon
Buddy Bacon 2 місяці tagasi
You finally did a pangolin, can you do a whale next?
Lord of The Galaxy-Eyes
Lord of The Galaxy-Eyes 2 місяці tagasi
It’s sandslash
이ᄒᄌ 2 місяці tagasi
Nm ntu 5t n7nhn nj i7 r obgvm6iv nn6uhn b,77v mv 7b76tf
Gayatri P
Gayatri P 2 місяці tagasi
Cute 🥰
hell boy bunny
hell boy bunny 2 місяці tagasi
i’ve been in love with these adorable and peaceful creatures for years now and it breaks my heart that they are being poached and trafficked!!! they’re such sweet animals and deserve all the love 🥰
Amelia Jackson
Amelia Jackson 2 місяці tagasi
NKN 1 2 місяці tagasi
Chinese are packing container loads of pangolins out of Nigeria
Inky Soda
Inky Soda 2 місяці tagasi
Pangolins are so cute I'd do something if I could 🥺
C J J 2 місяці tagasi
UltragamingHD 2 місяці tagasi
thisismyhome 2 місяці tagasi
That pangolin loves Barry!! Yay for one of the most amazing animals.
Donna Randall
Donna Randall 2 місяці tagasi
I’m doing a research project about pangolins this helped so much!
AldenNOTAlden 2 місяці tagasi
Did coyote quit EEexs???
Vuffh Ghunmmhg
Vuffh Ghunmmhg 2 місяці tagasi
Pangolins caused covid just ask randy
Ace Peter
Ace Peter 2 місяці tagasi
I can literally cry bc the ranger said the chances of the pangoling coming back is 80% It just hits you like a truck full of happiness
🍒 *-. ᥴ𝘳᥊ꪀ᥇ꫀ𝘳𝘳ꪗ .-* 🍒
🍒 *-. ᥴ𝘳᥊ꪀ᥇ꫀ𝘳𝘳ꪗ .-* 🍒 2 місяці tagasi
I love pangolins and I read that from 2010 - 2014, one million were killed. :(
Jane nenemes 7
Jane nenemes 7 2 місяці tagasi
It’s sandsdrew from Pokémon
LordYggdrasill 2 місяці tagasi
It's a sandshrew
Firman Rudi Kurniawan
Firman Rudi Kurniawan 2 місяці tagasi
D G 2 місяці tagasi
Sharlee doesn't know! but we will get marry
Jai Williams
Jai Williams 2 місяці tagasi
Pangoloins have been my favourite animal for a while and they need to be protected
voldem0rt 2 місяці tagasi
Everything was great until the sexist, "SO GLAD ITS A WOMAN" comment. Sorry, but I'm done with this channel until you get rid of the misogynistic sexist lady and bring in other ladies that don't view it as a gender issue but a best person for the job.
MiLord Caston
MiLord Caston 2 місяці tagasi
You are the best you do on video source you are the best
creper king minecraft
creper king minecraft 2 місяці tagasi
What has this channel become
Jurassic Wildlife
Jurassic Wildlife 2 місяці tagasi
So interesting to take a closer look at the pangolin, very sad to see how trafficked this animal is. Berry and Sharlee are doing a great job with these animals and it is truly incredible how far Ramfy has come.
Candy 2 місяці tagasi
The footage of the baby pandolin 😍 They remind me of armadillos.. so cute
bigtomhanks12 2 місяці tagasi
Thanks Randy Marsh.
Death Stroke
Death Stroke 2 місяці tagasi
I my be a super villain but save these animals
Lud Vincent
Lud Vincent 2 місяці tagasi
i heard the word "ranger" for like 2000x lol
Dorothy Holbrook
Dorothy Holbrook 2 місяці tagasi
Thanks Tristan and Tayla. Great show
Phương chị Ngô
Phương chị Ngô 2 місяці tagasi
why is Triston family name a curse word
Addison Moss
Addison Moss 2 місяці tagasi
Well this is new...
Toe Salad063
Toe Salad063 2 місяці tagasi
South Park made me know what a pangolin is
Wendigo&Huldra 2 місяці tagasi
Where are Coyote and Mario ? 😂
Barry Mthembu
Barry Mthembu 2 місяці tagasi
Absolutely amazing and educational program, feel privileged to having being part of it.
Peanuts 2 місяці tagasi
Fascinating creature! It's cute in a prehistoric way. Such an amazing story. I'm a huge fan of Tristan Dicks and Tayla M.
How about magic trick?
How about magic trick? 2 місяці tagasi
"Human is greedy"
Sonja Liebenberg
Sonja Liebenberg 2 місяці tagasi
When is the next Ranger Exchange episode? Loved this episode with the Pangolin!!
Ecotasia 2 місяці tagasi
Really amazing content, cannot wait to see more like this
SWILLZ 2 місяці tagasi
Its the crazy rich caucasians killing those animals
Highlight Production
Highlight Production 2 місяці tagasi
Not true, all of the poaching is done by the Chinese and Vietnamese that use it in medicine; that's an ignorant thing to say.
SWILLZ 2 місяці tagasi
This was definitely a dinosaur
Gnexz Місяць tagasi
@2122 B.A06 anteaters and pangolins are different
2122 B.A06
2122 B.A06 Місяць tagasi
It's anteater , it finds and eats ants
T Місяць tagasi
no it wasnt. tf
lemmingscanfly5 Місяць tagasi
@Gojirazillasaurus Zilla Mammals, as the name suggests, are the class of animals that evolved mammary glands in order to feed their offspring.
Unknown person
Unknown person Місяць tagasi
Definitely looks like one. Pretty cool
Mizo Mint
Mizo Mint 2 місяці tagasi
You do realize that the worlds most trafficked animal is human right? Not only that, if you save the worlds most trafficked animal, then the next most trafficked animal becomes the most.... it doesn't end...
Elke 2 місяці tagasi
Wow you two T's loved this 💕
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