Camera Trap Catches Rare Animal!

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In this episode, Coyote and Mario are on location in Costa Rica to see what Costa Rican mammals they can get on camera! What creatures do you think they'll be able to catch using a Camtraptions camera trap?! Get ready to find out what rare animal they were able to film when their camera trap catches a RARE ANIMAL!

Do YOU want to win an autographed print of the animal found in the video?! Simply write in the comments below and tell us what animal YOU think the crew should try and get a camera trap picture of next and why! We will choose one comment by next Wednesday, May 5th, to win the print. Make sure to have your notifications turned on so that you will be notified when we reply to your comment.

Big thanks to Camtraptions for providing us with the equipment in this episode! Camtraptions is a company dedicated to developing remote and camera trap systems, which allow wildlife photographers and filmmakers around the world to leverage new technologies and achieve a fresh perspective in their work. Check out their website for more information:

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The Brave Wilderness hosts and crew are professionally trained but receive assistance from animal experts and safety personnel when in potentially life-threatening situations. Permissions were obtained by the crew to film in all locations associated with this series. No animals were injured, killed, or removed from their natural habitat in the filming of this program and instances where animals are brought to the scene are clearly acknowledged in the video. Professional advice should always be sought before entering any dangerous environment, or before encountering any species of animal. Every precaution is taken to handle animals with care and in the least stressful way possible; expert opinions are often solicited when handling animals that may potentially inflict harm to any cast and crew.

Inanna Kali Ma
Inanna Kali Ma Tund tagasi
That ocelot probably got bigger nuts than all the men in this comment section
PANDA_ GAMER 7 tundi tagasi
Big fan sir love from Pakistan 🥰🥰🇵🇰🇵🇰
Destinee Johnson
Destinee Johnson Päev tagasi
Oh my gosh I’ve never seen an ocelot in my life before
Caroline Peace
Caroline Peace Päev tagasi
Just making sure he still alive
ghost cade
ghost cade Päev tagasi
Juren Canales
Juren Canales 2 päeva tagasi
That’s epic
64 Gaming
64 Gaming 2 päeva tagasi
You love ❤️ costa rica
Ilovehorses forlife
Ilovehorses forlife 3 päeva tagasi
I love your content, as an animal lover your channel is perfect for me!
SmearTheMage 5 päeva tagasi
Those are some cool photos
SMILE! 6 päeva tagasi
I dunno why but the rocks breaking on the brave wilderness intro is so satisfying
boboratra✅ 6 päeva tagasi
Oh lihat dia ada di Kalimantan 😂
Sheri Dito
Sheri Dito 7 päeva tagasi
Love you guys so much
Asa Dowdy
Asa Dowdy 8 päeva tagasi
You missed two animal wait by the Frog Mouse
camila bell
camila bell 9 päeva tagasi
Coyote Peterson : Wow! we just caught an ocelot on camera! Mean while Ocelot : oooo I mma be famous now.I be on camera and , Ohh Let me show them my friends Frogie and my buddy.I'm a model
akvile s
akvile s 12 päeva tagasi
love you and crew
akvile s
akvile s 12 päeva tagasi
i like the thing when Mario asked coyote did you put cookeis in here
ramsey144 14 päeva tagasi
9:01 lmaoooooo
Hsu Zhi Kai
Hsu Zhi Kai 14 päeva tagasi
Dreamof_lif3 YT
Dreamof_lif3 YT 15 päeva tagasi
Ocelot berries 🤣
Markus Lück
Markus Lück 15 päeva tagasi
Mario: Do you had cookies or something in it? I guess some hash cookies mate :-))
Gamerdude Leon
Gamerdude Leon 15 päeva tagasi
Ocelot berries 😂😂
Charlie the  king
Charlie the king 15 päeva tagasi
You are the Owen grady of animals
Robert Angelo D. Bito-on
Robert Angelo D. Bito-on 16 päeva tagasi
its very hard to find thoso i think
Hana Tewolde
Hana Tewolde 16 päeva tagasi
Imagine you found a new spieses
Maybe just a little Gay
Maybe just a little Gay 17 päeva tagasi
Happy pride month
Tod themastr
Tod themastr 17 päeva tagasi
-Rachel- :0
-Rachel- :0 17 päeva tagasi
tell Mario to capture a animal that looks like Mario (himself) so he can see what he looks like in the future :)
Matas Milevicius
Matas Milevicius 17 päeva tagasi
is everything the most important things in this video?
Xx-iRuN_ YoU-xX
Xx-iRuN_ YoU-xX 18 päeva tagasi
Melanistic jaguar
TFord 18 päeva tagasi
You should try to find the dumbo octopus, it is one of the most rarest sea animals on earth. And why I want you to find it is because it is adorable!
The Wees
The Wees 19 päeva tagasi
What will you do with the RARE animal
Dr. Piglo
Dr. Piglo 20 päeva tagasi
Still six days out that’s a nightmare of depth
Dr. Piglo
Dr. Piglo 20 päeva tagasi
Wrong title:camera trap Real title:camtraption
Goran Dubravic
Goran Dubravic 23 päeva tagasi
There was also a rat with a frog and with a ocelot as well!
Myla J Harvey-Shields
Myla J Harvey-Shields 24 päeva tagasi
"oh-.. theres his...ocelot...berries-."
??? 25 päeva tagasi
More Mario hosted episodes please
Orca Gamer
Orca Gamer 26 päeva tagasi
Could you another "the camera trap" one day maybe in Australia?
Bidith Ranjan Deb
Bidith Ranjan Deb 26 päeva tagasi
Minecraft Creeprer After Seeing Ocelots Be Like : Yeah I'm Outta Here. Creepers Are Terrified By Them
Gaming with Maz
Gaming with Maz 26 päeva tagasi
It looks like your on a hiking trip
Mizuki_TheIdiot 26 päeva tagasi
"When you just clicked saw a comment that spoiled everthing :,)"
Haya Badtameez
Haya Badtameez 27 päeva tagasi
Coyote LOVES Costa rica SO MUCH most of his video is in costa rica Coyote who is your first love :COSTA RICA MY LOVE 🤣😂
Richard Jew
Richard Jew 28 päeva tagasi
Wow 🤩
Apu Rosas
Apu Rosas 28 päeva tagasi
“Oh it’s a male it has its...ocelot..berries.” That had me on the floor 😂
MYÜZ QUARTERLY 29 päeva tagasi
Ocelot is so cute🐱
Eduardo Garnier Valverde
Eduardo Garnier Valverde 29 päeva tagasi
i'm from costa rica and i am very happy that you like the country:)
Guest Account
Guest Account 29 päeva tagasi
Only 130 dislikes people who are jealous
Jaxon Tarbell
Jaxon Tarbell Місяць tagasi
every 6 year old kid watching- we can eat ocelot berries
Lil lama 101
Lil lama 101 Місяць tagasi
Woooow so WILD
Cl3b_honcho Місяць tagasi
I love your videos and have been watching since 2016!
SinasiAnimatesMoreStuff Місяць tagasi
8:05 for anyone who’s to lazy to watch the video and see what they saw.
Yohan Zacharia Maratt
Yohan Zacharia Maratt Місяць tagasi
Coyote one of the first things I learnt was animals so I know allot And no way just guys saw an ocelot! Amazing
Guest Account
Guest Account 29 päeva tagasi
Sheyli :3
Sheyli :3 Місяць tagasi
CadeGreninja Місяць tagasi
Call it the wilderness trap
Muhammad Kalonji
Muhammad Kalonji Місяць tagasi
Next on a coyote Peterson secret camera video, I like you guys to try and get a toucan
the first mann
the first mann Місяць tagasi
The only thing that can be caught in Jordan is camels
Janjan Mendoza
Janjan Mendoza Місяць tagasi
Coyote celebrates likes he catched a pokèmon
Mike Hawk is huge
Mike Hawk is huge Місяць tagasi
They caught his ocelot berries in 4K
aYaNtHe BOI Місяць tagasi
Ocelot Berries Approved
Carly n
Carly n Місяць tagasi
Ocelot berries? What?😂 9:00
Samantha Topping
Samantha Topping Місяць tagasi
Animals are in a
Scorpion WR
Scorpion WR Місяць tagasi
Did you catch a lyrebird???
Mae Ang
Mae Ang Місяць tagasi
I only know ocelot from Minecraft
StormSlayer101 Місяць tagasi
He is my fave youtuber
Daniel Dowling
Daniel Dowling Місяць tagasi
I'm a huge fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandon Catalano
Brandon Catalano Місяць tagasi
Getting a Jaguarundi would be the coolest episode in the world!!! I've rarely ever seen videos of these beautiful creatures and you guys would bring so much more attention and education to the public about their way of living and anatomy. and love the ocelot and might need to start doing camera traps.
Zaydan Chowdhury
Zaydan Chowdhury Місяць tagasi
Abel Monzon
Abel Monzon Місяць tagasi
It looks like a cat face
Achiles axolotls
Achiles axolotls Місяць tagasi
Imagine if he caught on a camera a Demond👻😈👿💀 and cracked the camera 🎥.
Zethrickk Vanhavert
Zethrickk Vanhavert Місяць tagasi
Watching rare animals coyote making funny faces
XxYTMATTSUNxX BG Місяць tagasi
👇 Here in your Country
XxYTMATTSUNxX BG Місяць tagasi
Krystal Brooks
Krystal Brooks Місяць tagasi
"I want Coyote to get a Leopard or a Jaguar. It would be cool if was climbing a tree, because it looks cool and I've never seen one do that before." - Rylen, age 4
Kitten Plays 101
Kitten Plays 101 Місяць tagasi
“Ocelot berries” - Coyote 2021
don-x Місяць tagasi
I wish they did more of camera trap video
Priyen Vekaria
Priyen Vekaria Місяць tagasi
You should do more of these camera traps ....It's an interesting series...If you would make it....
Tiky Cooki
Tiky Cooki Місяць tagasi
Coyote, I have a question. I made some fan art. How do I send it to you? I would like to see it on the base camp wall :-)
DESERT BOY Місяць tagasi
This video is amazing and is very cool and you have so much energy and I love this channel I would be a honor do have a picture signed by you of the ocelot and the are very playful in your other video lol
Chip Місяць tagasi
When will you get a look at big foot?
M Місяць tagasi
Do both ocelots have berries...
Zanderrowan Місяць tagasi
Use a pin
jayaraman narasimhan
jayaraman narasimhan Місяць tagasi
hi my name is pranamya I love animals I think about them everytime I live in India
Anissa Lovell
Anissa Lovell Місяць tagasi
Try to get a picture of a jaguar next time.
Gilbert Grech
Gilbert Grech Місяць tagasi
9:45 i would just go to google and type aselot print it out then boom
Surv King
Surv King Місяць tagasi
Revolver Ocelot
Scorpion WR
Scorpion WR Місяць tagasi
Is that a trail camera?
it's alphi again
it's alphi again Місяць tagasi
I love watching this chanel
Eric Richard
Eric Richard Місяць tagasi
I liked and subscribed
tenpotato Місяць tagasi
Dhole! "It's a different kind of dog". Native to East and South East Asia. They are endangered dogs and quite rare. It would be awesome if you caught it on the camera trap and made a episode about them!
SKY_GX Місяць tagasi
I've been watching this channel for a while
DL Місяць tagasi
FFWD thru the waste of time to 8:18 They found only an ocelot. Thank me later.
Sashi Sharma
Sashi Sharma Місяць tagasi
Hey! I'm probably your biggest fan! I've watched you ever since I was a kid :) you're my biggest role model. Although you won't notice me have a good day 😁
DL Місяць tagasi
Seriously?? You spend that much time on YT?? I have never heard of this dude, it popped up today.. A google search told me he was "an American EEexsr". He's an amateur. I can't stand him. This is the 2nd & last video I FFWD thru ,just because he annoyed me at how DISRESPECTFUL he was with that old elephant. I don't think this guy will make it. I'm pretty sure Steve Irwin's fate awaits him but much worse.
Alexis Faith Magsisi
Alexis Faith Magsisi Місяць tagasi
My favorite part was when coyote said there's his ocelot berries its suppose to be bird
DL Місяць tagasi
there were no coyotes in this video! an ocelot is a feline.
Ben Middlebro
Ben Middlebro Місяць tagasi
are ocelots rare?
DL Місяць tagasi
no LOL! he's such an amateur, even his clothes are all wrong
Mournful Mantelope
Mournful Mantelope Місяць tagasi
The frog and the rat seem like an odd couple living in that hole together *🐸🐀*
Mournful Mantelope
Mournful Mantelope Місяць tagasi
Came here for Chupacabra
ella ruz
ella ruz Місяць tagasi
new rare animal rusty spotted cat smallest cat in the world
Maddie Місяць tagasi
OMG what if that was the same ocelot from 2016
Death is my life
Death is my life Місяць tagasi
“It’s not a jaguar...” Me: just think of an ocelot of a waaaaay smaller jaguar. Both have spots, both cars, ect
XSK Ricxrdo
XSK Ricxrdo Місяць tagasi
Family friendly 😂😂😂
Kurt Theobald
Kurt Theobald Місяць tagasi
i cant read so please give it to me
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