STUNG by a Man O' War Jellyfish!

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On this episode, Mark is getting STUNG by a Man O' War! The Portuguese Man O' War may look beautiful.. but in this case, with beauty comes pain. Thousands of people are stung by these jellyfish like predators every year, and the effects can be brutal. So in order to compare the effectiveness of the most famous remedies for being stung by this creature, Mark is getting stung not once but TWICE - side by side on the same arm! So, which antidote will work best for healing the sting of a Man O' War?! Watch now to find out!

For more info on Man O' War stings, check out this article:

Thank you to Dr. Hunter Hines for the microscopic footage used in this episode! Follow him on Instagram: @microbialecology

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The Brave Wilderness hosts and crew are professionally trained but receive assistance from animal experts and safety personnel when in potentially life-threatening situations. Permissions were obtained by the crew to film in all locations associated with this series. No animals were injured, killed, or removed from their natural habitat in the filming of this program and instances where animals are brought to the scene are clearly acknowledged in the video. Professional advice should always be sought before entering any dangerous environment, or before encountering any species of animal. Every precaution is taken to handle animals with care and in the least stressful way possible; expert opinions are often solicited when handling animals that may potentially inflict harm to any cast and crew.

Cameron Murray
Cameron Murray 17 minutit tagasi
My name is Mark Camera man and I'm about to enter the Piss zone
Tallis Croker
Tallis Croker 19 minutit tagasi
all us Australians be like 1st its a blue bottle 2nd we've all been stung multiple times by it :)
Ryans FL OutDoor Adventures
Ryans FL OutDoor Adventures 24 minutit tagasi
you forgot one remedy sir,.. just rubbing sand on it or even 7-up
#BoycottGrammarly 27 minutit tagasi
Vinegar and urine they both stink!! I'd be shooting up lidocaine if that happened!
TotallyNotAScrub 29 minutit tagasi
Devil's Advocate: Maybe the heat from the pee from the source is what denatures the sting 🤷🏻‍♂️
Get It
Get It 47 minutit tagasi
Didnt he say they are dead when they are washed up on the shore yet he grabbed them from the shore
Randall J.
Randall J. 50 minutit tagasi
So was coyote overselling his stings?? 😂😂 jk
Eunice Egger
Eunice Egger 51 minut tagasi
That low key looks like a bluebottle jellyfish that roams the beaches in Australia
Youdidthisforwhat ?
Youdidthisforwhat ? 52 minutit tagasi
I got stung by one of these before. I used white vinegar and it helped a lot.
D.Nasty Fishing
D.Nasty Fishing Tund tagasi
Come on... how about a box jellyfish.. or its smaller cousin!!
Ergys Pro
Ergys Pro Tund tagasi
Urin makes it worse and i belive vinigar doesn’t do much
Ria Tund tagasi
Who the hell r u? Also...hi.
SILentjudgmENT Tund tagasi
Wow, Mark!! Taken up the sting mantle?
Andrew Reimers
Andrew Reimers 2 tundi tagasi
Stung myself with one while drunk in corpus christi
The Reaper
The Reaper 2 tundi tagasi
Box jellyfish?
JotenJoestar 2 tundi tagasi
Are those not super venomous
pingleymyjingley 2 tundi tagasi
seeing his arm to to the jellyfish just upsets me
Devin Hunt
Devin Hunt 2 tundi tagasi
Madina Satariano
Madina Satariano 2 tundi tagasi
Should’ve gone box jellyshif
prettysureful 3 tundi tagasi
Ive been stung by then before. It wasnt as bad as people made it out to be. The life guard sprayed some stuff on me and I went back to swiming. I did have lines all over my back tho
Micah Allen
Micah Allen 3 tundi tagasi
It has to be fresh urine dummy
Joshua Knutsen
Joshua Knutsen 3 tundi tagasi
Alex 3 tundi tagasi
Of all the colors why do they have to be blue?!?
BrexitBubble 3 tundi tagasi
Is it just me or does it look like he censored the urine in the bottle😂🤣
kaniphish 3 tundi tagasi
If hot water works the best, then fresh urin might be good after all since it's very warm when it comes out.
ام عبدالرحمن حمد
ام عبدالرحمن حمد 3 tundi tagasi
I got stung by an man o war 3 years ago and it hurt
Listen to Turtle
Listen to Turtle 3 tundi tagasi
My friend and I throw them at each other as a joke…literally not bad at all lol
Listen to Turtle
Listen to Turtle 3 tundi tagasi
My friend and I have man o war fights we throw them at each other
Sebastian 3 tundi tagasi
michael justice
michael justice 4 tundi tagasi
Why is the pee blurred? Lol
Zach Frye-Lofley
Zach Frye-Lofley 4 tundi tagasi
What if the reason pee works is because it’s usually hotter ?
SynthSurfer 4 tundi tagasi
pee on arm gross... pee from hot girl in shower..priceless
Brianna Blue
Brianna Blue 4 tundi tagasi
Kind of sucks to think one time my ex and I found a whole bunch of those and piled all up and was poking at and playing with them. Years later I find out they were manofwar jelly fish. Oops.
Brandon Hillgoth
Brandon Hillgoth 4 tundi tagasi
4:52 your welcome 😂
Inner Health & Weight Loss
Inner Health & Weight Loss 4 tundi tagasi
batou batou
batou batou 4 tundi tagasi
Is the jellyfish Ok ?
Backruborbust 4 tundi tagasi
Where is this thing on that pain scale thing? Y’all know what I’m talking about right? Not the pepper Scoville thing, the other one
Jadial Reddy
Jadial Reddy 4 tundi tagasi
Man o war is a gun😐
Bruzzun Ath'tuch
Bruzzun Ath'tuch 5 tundi tagasi
Okay- whoever wrote the title of this video should've watched the whole video, the Man O' War aren't Jellyfish, they're a collection of cloned organisms united into one body.
justin jones
justin jones 5 tundi tagasi
In another couple years we gonna see guys jumping into a pool filled with these for the views
Xombie X
Xombie X 5 tundi tagasi
Mark: "sometimes beauty is pain" Me: thinking back to past relationships
Arny T
Arny T 4 tundi tagasi
zakosist 5 tundi tagasi
Thankfully never got stung by one of these, but I actually followed the tip to pee on myself to treat nettle stings as a kid. I'm not even sure if it works, but I learned that pee in itself is really painful to have on your skin over time. Its just not a big deal when you're in the shower and its washed of immediately
PopBopBoi 5 tundi tagasi
Okay these guys are just wanting to die but just can't
MattyYoungcloudsArt 5 tundi tagasi
Lol at Mark reacting worse to the pee
Kevin Gonzalez
Kevin Gonzalez 5 tundi tagasi
The true share oppositely trap because drug rarely melt beyond a colossal color. animated, noxious bait
TryingMyBest™ 5 tundi tagasi
Mark after being potentially lethally stung by a jellyfish: Oh no! Anyways,
Blown Apart Movies
Blown Apart Movies Tund tagasi
Man o' wars are rarely deadly, the deaths caused by the stings is actually due to the amount of stings rather than the venom released in each one. For example a sting from the jelly is nothing compared to a bullet ant sting, but if your swimming around and get tangled up in its tentacles you are in fror a rough time
F.N.O_Zylo 6 tundi tagasi
I’ve gotten stung by one of these at myrtle beach, man did it hurt, I was only 10
Fire panda
Fire panda 6 tundi tagasi
I’ve been stung by one of these!
Moonlxtte 6 tundi tagasi
Aren't you suppose to run the other direction when u see those ._.
SaltyLife 6 tundi tagasi
Hey did you spray pee on you
dollydooo 6 tundi tagasi
A Portuguese man of war is actually a species of siphonophore
roonaldweasley 7 tundi tagasi
who's urine is that........?
shoto•baze❀(*´▽`*)❀ 7 tundi tagasi
JS Crackwood
JS Crackwood 7 tundi tagasi
Now try the Blue Box Jellyfish :)
Bonesaw 7 tundi tagasi
i can't abide by this anti-pee propaganda
Jorge Negrete
Jorge Negrete 8 tundi tagasi
Get stung by a sea snail in Australia
Galaxy_ Wolf32
Galaxy_ Wolf32 8 tundi tagasi
I have been stung by a Man O' War Jellyfish before and it was painful
Rowan MacDonald
Rowan MacDonald 8 tundi tagasi
I got stung by one
Thats Nodildo
Thats Nodildo 8 tundi tagasi
I feel like he would break a arm and be like yup yea that's a broken arm
Ava Cado
Ava Cado 8 tundi tagasi
What about a hot vinegar compress 🤔🤔
Tavish Finnegan DeGroot
Tavish Finnegan DeGroot 8 tundi tagasi
no one: still no one: Guy: which jellyfish should i get stung?
OverTime 8 tundi tagasi
Why did he split up with cayote again?
Egg 9 tundi tagasi
Ive been stung by that too but on accident
maxturbo45 9 tundi tagasi
Does blurring out the urine really matter if we can still see the color?
maxturbo45 9 tundi tagasi
I always see ded Man-o-War j-fish on Padre/Mustang Islands. I end up stabbing them with sticks...
pedro pons
pedro pons 9 tundi tagasi
I killed one before by accident with Rock
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson 9 tundi tagasi
I have been stung by these several times in my life. It's not pleasant. One time my brother got the tail wrapped around his fingers, so he's freaking out asking me to get it off get it off! I got stung trying to remove it a bit but he got impatient so he just started shaking his hand around until it flew off his hand and stuck to the side of my face! Then I slapped it off of myself. Just my hilarious jellyfish story. If you ever get this stinger on you and it can't easily come off grab a hand full of sand and cover the stinger and with the sand as a barrier from getting stung a lot versus a little. Use your hands to remove the stinger as best you can. The sand stuck to your hands and the jellyfish will help prevent you from getting stung a lot more then trying to remove it with your bare hands and wherever else the stinger is on your skin.
LordGentry 9 tundi tagasi
Ah, yes. I awlays keep Vinegar and a thermos of staight up hot water in my family's beach bag.....
Kettle The BunnyRam
Kettle The BunnyRam 9 tundi tagasi
Thank you for clarifying that this group of complex organisms is not a jellyfish, I was about to leave a very angry comment about spreading misinformation... However I now see that you are using the jellyfish tagline as click bait, carry on.
Sean Houran
Sean Houran 9 tundi tagasi
Worst of the worst my butt lets see you take some box jelly stings
Lisbeth soma
Lisbeth soma 9 tundi tagasi
That is precisely the reason you shouldn't walk on sand barefoot, alongside trachinidae (weevers)
Tony May
Tony May 9 tundi tagasi
What about the box jellyfish hmmmmmmm ha DO IT!!!😈😈
Anthony 10 tundi tagasi
So if you have no access to vinegar, would you say use urine first then scrape the stuff off arm? Or scrape first then urine? Or don't bother with urine at all?
Ibrahim Moakkit
Ibrahim Moakkit 10 tundi tagasi
Coyote: Mark are u ok?
Lostin Dubstep
Lostin Dubstep 10 tundi tagasi
Why is the urine blurred?….. literally everyone goes to the bathroom and see urine. No need to blur it out..
Kettle The BunnyRam
Kettle The BunnyRam 9 tundi tagasi
EEexs bots will automatically target and demonetize any content with blood or bodily fluids including vomit. This was a response to all the challenge channels making content involving blood and vomit such as the famous Vomit Gauntlet Challenge using a combination of fart spray, sprite, bananas, and outdated food/drink. It doesn't matter if we know what it is, or if they give a warning at the start of the video, EEexs will target them if it is not censored.
Cooking Kids
Cooking Kids 10 tundi tagasi
Cayote: **screaming in pain** Mark: "oh noo.. Anyway"
SavedHaven Tund tagasi
stolen, not funny
nobudee the person
nobudee the person 11 tundi tagasi
the only Man O' War i've ever heard of is the gun in Call of Duty
george fridman
george fridman 11 tundi tagasi
learned what to do :) thanks!!
Fkeko JasjeN
Fkeko JasjeN 11 tundi tagasi
The lumpy hardcover consquentially fancy because beaver preclinically impress for a entertaining flesh. psychotic, annoying snowman
Kevin 11 tundi tagasi
So, I hate to be that guy, _BUT..._ The reason urine gets suggested as an antidote is because when people are out swimming, they are usually quite a long way away from a source of vinegar _or_ hot water. Urine, however, is conveniently stored in a little pouch that everyone carries around with them at all times. Also, how hot does that compress need to be? If it just needs to be "eh, kinda warm", well then urine also does that. Having it stored in a bottle means it's probably been sitting there for a while and may have gotten much colder than if it were a first aid situation. And even if it's not warm enough to have any impact on denaturing the toxins and it needs to be _hot_ water, well then we still run into the problem that most people don't take a stove with them to the beach.
droid8613 12 tundi tagasi
Coyote would have been overacting and rolling on the floor. You took the sting as should be expected. We know who the true king of sting is.
Depressed Simp
Depressed Simp 12 tundi tagasi
What worse than one of them is a box jelly, I remember doing a project on one in school
seevendaycandle1 12 tundi tagasi
Cmon man you gotta go box jellyfish? Wtf! I'll join ya
Aidan jge
Aidan jge 13 tundi tagasi
Where i am from on the coast at Christmas theres hundreds of man o wars washed up on the beach and i dont even want to know how many were in the water by the beach.
Gamer-_-Games 13 tundi tagasi
Imagine getting stung by a man o’ war in the beach and start pissing on the wound
john racila
john racila 13 tundi tagasi
were coyote
tyler devere
tyler devere 13 tundi tagasi
Good on you man! For anyone that has never seen these things before, their sting isn't very bad (I've been stung many times) but the aftereffects are the real kicker: itchiness, swollen and puffy skin, pain, etc.
Tsui Cary
Tsui Cary 14 tundi tagasi
How does he know the pain of being shot with a gun?
Igorson 14 tundi tagasi
My brain when I see this jelly: POP IT
keiran wilkinson
keiran wilkinson 14 tundi tagasi
I thought the vinegar and urine was to fire unfired stinging cells so when you go to take the tentacles off, you won't be stung again.
keiran wilkinson
keiran wilkinson 14 tundi tagasi
no more toxic than a bee. touch a box jelly 👌 then ill subscribe
Lilac Gacha
Lilac Gacha 14 tundi tagasi
The jellyfish that he got stung by Ive heard that it is the most poisonous creature is it true?
Lilac Gacha
Lilac Gacha 7 tundi tagasi
@ItsCael oh okay
ItsCael 8 tundi tagasi
No that’s the box jelly
DRags 14 tundi tagasi
Claim your ticket for being here before some famous youtuber reacts to this.
sharp pye
sharp pye 15 tundi tagasi
Now do a box jellyfish
TLC EPIC GAMER 15 tundi tagasi
Spiffco Bot
Spiffco Bot 15 tundi tagasi
Did these dudes seriously censor urine? Seriously? Why?
Spiffco Bot
Spiffco Bot 16 tundi tagasi
The box jellyfish laughs at this claim that the man o' war is the baddest. Box jellyfish kill, these do not.
O K 16 tundi tagasi
Awesome job mark !
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