OUCH - That Must Have Hurt!

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In this episode, get ready to see some of Coyote's most dangerous moments on the channel! He's been bitten and stung many times... but do you know how much pain he's REALLY been through? You're about to see some of the worst injuries that Coyote has ever been through... and you'll find yourself saying OUCH - That must have hurt!

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The Brave Wilderness hosts and crew are professionally trained but receive assistance from animal experts and safety personnel when in potentially life-threatening situations. Permissions were obtained by the crew to film in all locations associated with this series. No animals were injured, killed, or removed from their natural habitat in the filming of this program and instances where animals are brought to the scene are clearly acknowledged in the video. Professional advice should always be sought before entering any dangerous environment, or before encountering any species of animal. Every precaution is taken to handle animals with care and in the least stressful way possible; expert opinions are often solicited when handling animals that may potentially inflict harm to any cast and crew.

Max Bruno
Max Bruno 6 minutit tagasi
If you stepped on a lego you deserve respect
Riley Volles
Riley Volles 6 tundi tagasi
It hurts meeee
Aarav Seksaria
Aarav Seksaria 10 tundi tagasi
Coyote - this is my way to get blood out instead of needles.
Giant Greg
Giant Greg 11 tundi tagasi
My mans fell off a cliff and he’s like oh no I scratched my hat
Jalapeño and Banana Productions
Jalapeño and Banana Productions 13 tundi tagasi
Coyote when he fell off the cliff: Oops, I slipped
dillon mills
dillon mills 16 tundi tagasi
I have that strow hat😂😂
Kami Bates
Kami Bates 18 tundi tagasi
Omg u ok
Matthew Gilger
Matthew Gilger 19 tundi tagasi
love you all 🙂
Kryptic YT
Kryptic YT 21 tund tagasi
That must have hurt
Mason Kile
Mason Kile 23 tundi tagasi
coyote getting stung by a tarantula hawk: ouchhhh me after playing too much fnf and getting a hand cramp: *A-* *a* *a* *a*
Evelyn Gavert
Evelyn Gavert Päev tagasi
Coyote: What did we learn today kids? *to not be like Coyote!*
Tahna Erickson
Tahna Erickson Päev tagasi
Coyote almost dies Camera man: Describe how you feel
DM Gaming
DM Gaming Päev tagasi
is it just me oris his scream soo annoying
Regina Shea
Regina Shea Päev tagasi
My mom says u flirt with death
الآء الوليد راشد محمد الكيومية
الآء الوليد راشد محمد الكيومية Päev tagasi
That hurt me just by waching this vid 😭😭 It's a miracle that you didnt die
Bryant Animates
Bryant Animates Päev tagasi
its just........ i feel so bad for him 😢
Milan Hall
Milan Hall Päev tagasi
The cliff fall looked like he braked dance and then backflip
SwimmingStar Shorts
SwimmingStar Shorts Päev tagasi
0:12 omg! I almost had a heart attack
Bcrazy 32
Bcrazy 32 Päev tagasi
In rouge wave that’s wen I was born not kidding
Robloxnoobs 2 päeva tagasi
Me when my my just got broken.MUMMY I BROKE MY MOUTH*but I not crying it because Something that I ate went on my mouth and broke*. Me when I watching this video:woah are You okay? Good luck
William Robertson
William Robertson 2 päeva tagasi
Painful oopsies lol
TheJannahPlays 2 päeva tagasi
cat videos
cat videos 2 päeva tagasi
Poor coyote
Hussnain Iqbal
Hussnain Iqbal 2 päeva tagasi
got games on yo phone - xxxtentacion
got games on yo phone - xxxtentacion 2 päeva tagasi
Bruh he bust a move on a boulder
Charlie ERROR gaming
Charlie ERROR gaming 2 päeva tagasi
Lol imagine getting your bones broken from falling off of a 4 inch cliff but this dude survived a 12 foot cliff fall :/
Dawn Michelle
Dawn Michelle 3 päeva tagasi
Yo if that was my grandma you would hear a loud crack
Gerald Peña
Gerald Peña 3 päeva tagasi
Da What’s Pain sol :(
The Gaming Panda
The Gaming Panda 3 päeva tagasi
Coyotes mom “OHH MY GODDD” person behind the camera “oughh
Seth miranda
Seth miranda 3 päeva tagasi
Hey coyote Peterson these Videos are Popular
Birdy Rose66
Birdy Rose66 3 päeva tagasi
I remember watching this when it first came out
Joyce Angel Lastimoso
Joyce Angel Lastimoso 3 päeva tagasi
Are u OK when u fall the cliff
doggiememe096 3 päeva tagasi
Don't Boulder jump kids
Erin Tecson
Erin Tecson 3 päeva tagasi
Hes been training even when he was young like his mom used to tell him Mom: ok its an ant bite ok? Him: uhm ok 💀 OW now: swarm of ants biting him everywhere Him again: agh eh its like a sting
Ellis Morton
Ellis Morton 4 päeva tagasi
Why do you do that to your self coyote
Linette DeGraaf
Linette DeGraaf 4 päeva tagasi
I really feel bad
Marko MT
Marko MT 5 päeva tagasi
Lucky he he landed with a head into a hat
Gaxha_Floof 5 päeva tagasi
Coyote: so what did we learn today? Me talking over him: Not to be like coyote!
SP745Railfan Productions
SP745Railfan Productions 5 päeva tagasi
Coyote: *falls* Me: he’s gonna die Coyote: nah I don’t think I will
Cody Fender
Cody Fender 7 päeva tagasi
How did you get out of there
Winter_0 7 päeva tagasi
3:58 idk if my feet are made of titanium, but if this man can withstand 24 leach bites and not LEGOS then I will be shocked. Like I’ve stepped on legos it doesn’t hurt at all
Alex Jackson
Alex Jackson 8 päeva tagasi
I thought he died and I cried
Kaia Hughes
Kaia Hughes 8 päeva tagasi
Ik this is supposed to be informational but the end like this “ don’t play with water.” Don’t mess with cacti.” “Put away your legos.” And “don’t jump cliffs is funny to me idk why though
iamchristenlalala 8 päeva tagasi
iamchristenlalala 8 päeva tagasi
dragon in winter
dragon in winter 10 päeva tagasi
His nickname should be "Ouch Peterson."
Fire3847 10 päeva tagasi
Paused this at the beginning... but this sounds TOO SCARY 😱
MrFishSticks 10 päeva tagasi
When coyotes hat comes in clutch
Brandon Fire
Brandon Fire 11 päeva tagasi
I want to jump on rocks now
sup 12 päeva tagasi
Rico be like: that must have hurt🤖
Lisette Crews
Lisette Crews 12 päeva tagasi
I feel bad for you😨😨😨
Benjamin Tan
Benjamin Tan 12 päeva tagasi
Oh my god
Robloxian2532 12 päeva tagasi
Lets just take a moment to appriciate what this man teahces people
Playcraft 12 päeva tagasi
7:09 ok everyone we all should now wear a hat no matter what or where you go just always remember to wear a hat
GGA1LXA 12 päeva tagasi
Dam dude, u r braver than a lion, after this much pain, u still keep moving forward, u r amazing
Sophia Paniagua
Sophia Paniagua 13 päeva tagasi
Dude,are you ok?
The crazy STELLA
The crazy STELLA 13 päeva tagasi
5:02 only cares about the camera
Gracie Williams
Gracie Williams 13 päeva tagasi
-1:05 him:don't play with cacti Me: I wish you would have told me that before I touch the one on accident because I looked harry and I hurt myself and it really hurt but it was actually really easy to remove
Corbin Repp
Corbin Repp 14 päeva tagasi
I still have a knot on my knee and I got it when I was about 7 years old and I'm 14 now
Brickly Productions
Brickly Productions 15 päeva tagasi
On the lego ones he,s fine you wimp
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 15 päeva tagasi
I craked my head open and almost died does that count
Eddie Becker
Eddie Becker 16 päeva tagasi
Breaking trail more like breaking bones
Heather Culvey
Heather Culvey 16 päeva tagasi
I feel bad for him
The ducky monster
The ducky monster 17 päeva tagasi
legos dont hurt
Devil gaming
Devil gaming 17 päeva tagasi
Why just why, why the Legos
hi lol
hi lol 17 päeva tagasi
my man just fell off a cliff and os still alive?
Alfie Watson
Alfie Watson 18 päeva tagasi
Your lucky
Lucian Timofte
Lucian Timofte 18 päeva tagasi
First part I closed my PC cause of that jump
Ball Ball
Ball Ball 18 päeva tagasi
7:38 I learn do not bang your body into nature
borg23 19 päeva tagasi
this man just wanted to find a salamander and now hes living pain of falling and cactus and much more (i know probably not salamander but whatever)
*Caroline *
*Caroline * 19 päeva tagasi
We’re glad you recovered from all of these.
͡ 19 päeva tagasi
Sritama Ghosh
Sritama Ghosh 19 päeva tagasi
😭 🙄 that was sooooooooooooo pain full 🌕
JAI Club
JAI Club 21 päev tagasi
Are you ok it most have hart
Koustav Biswas
Koustav Biswas 21 päev tagasi
You take risks of your life only for you can give us beautiful and informative things about animals and nature .. man that's a lot ❤
Just For Fun
Just For Fun 21 päev tagasi
Imagine the earthquake was so big it hit America
Atif Hameed
Atif Hameed 21 päev tagasi
k i d s
Emma Wiebe
Emma Wiebe 22 päeva tagasi
I'm so sorry but i've literally never laughed so hard in my life Also, how are you still alive?
James Lewis
James Lewis 22 päeva tagasi
Not gonna blame you 😂
ceejay luis bravo
ceejay luis bravo 22 päeva tagasi
Breaking trail more like Breaking bowns
Alexander Hernandez
Alexander Hernandez 23 päeva tagasi
Thank you for this vid.This shows me not to mess with water and to be safe. Again thank you 😊.
DenimPlays 23 päeva tagasi
This is the uncle we need but don’t deserve
ALLISON ROQUE 23 päeva tagasi
5:11 Why is the cameraman happy taking out the cacti 🌵
jaya barang utama
jaya barang utama 23 päeva tagasi
That falling off the rocks just scares me i thod it was high
gaming guy
gaming guy 23 päeva tagasi
lmao,stepping on legos dosen't hurt
luke Neff
luke Neff 23 päeva tagasi
Random question but has anyone else tried the brave wilderness burger at burger king 👑 edit: forgot this but I have and it's good
Big Zee
Big Zee 23 päeva tagasi
How on the wave and how did coyote survive the wave that’s so like lucky
Idelis Linda
Idelis Linda 24 päeva tagasi
i hope you are ok and still alive i love your show :)
Lisa_thefox 24 päeva tagasi
Me: I want to be coyote Me again: I worked is not painful
Patrick Hempe
Patrick Hempe 24 päeva tagasi
I even shaved my legg cause i thought it was funny! LOL!!!
Michael Lynn
Michael Lynn 24 päeva tagasi
The king of sting is nuts. Legos definitely hurt to step on bare foot.
Nate Condy
Nate Condy 19 päeva tagasi
AaronPlays FunFacts
AaronPlays FunFacts 25 päeva tagasi
me: barely touches my sister sister: 0:13
Royal 🌸 Misty 🌸
Royal 🌸 Misty 🌸 25 päeva tagasi
This is PAINFUL to watch if your a person like me. Hope your ok Coyote.
Cassie Eagar
Cassie Eagar 25 päeva tagasi
How is Coyote okay after falling of a cliff
Double Up Gaming
Double Up Gaming 25 päeva tagasi
I have seen like 99% of these. Im a true pain fan.
Double Up Gaming
Double Up Gaming 25 päeva tagasi
"For all of you guys that like to see me in agony" Yes.....? Why do you think I'm watching a video of you called "Ouch! That must've hurt!"?
Theo og Tristan tvillingene
Theo og Tristan tvillingene 25 päeva tagasi
I hope you are ok
shilpa shanbhag
shilpa shanbhag 25 päeva tagasi
Are you ok
Hussein Hamad
Hussein Hamad 26 päeva tagasi
Oh my god I feel so bad for you you must have gotten billions of dollars please give him give him $1000000 he deserves it
The Chesters
The Chesters 26 päeva tagasi
6:20 happened to me and i realized it after like 20 minutes. It wasnt in water tho
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