GHOST LION?! - Rare White Lion Sighting!

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Brave Wilderness

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Welcome to the final episode of our limited series, Ranger Exchange! In this episode, Rangers Tristan and Tayla have traveled to the Ngala Private Game Reserve in South Africa to find the rarest White Lion in the world - the wild White Lion! They've teamed up with Head Ranger Barney Khoza to help them in their search. With only three known to be living in the wild, wild White Lions are some of the rarest animals in the world. Two of them live at Ngala - will the Rangers be able to find them?! Watch now to find out!

Big thank you to andBeyond! Visit their website for more information on their lodges and safari camps:​

Watch the first episode of Ranger Exchange featuring the endangered Pangolin:

Created by: Jim Kolotouros

Executive Producers: Jim Kolotouros, Coyote Peterson \u0026 Beau Sedivy

Produced \u0026 Directed by: Rowan Pybus

Hosts: Tayla McCurdy and Tristan Dicks

Edited by:
Lufefe Figlan
Rowan Pybus
Colleen Knox
Andrea Shaw

Music by: Mama Dance Studio

Voiceover by: Silas Lekgoathi

Director of Photography: Jeandre Gerding

Camera Operators \u0026 Sound:
Lufefe Figlan
Jeandre Gerding
Rowan Pybus

Production Manager:
Shanna Freedman

Associate Producer:
Jonathan Zepp

Adarsht23 4 tundi tagasi
I heard about white lions
Amy Le
Amy Le 9 tundi tagasi
Jeff Boerst
Jeff Boerst 9 tundi tagasi
Santi Rodriguez-Kikot
Santi Rodriguez-Kikot 14 tundi tagasi
No one cares they are just lions
Calo_Playz Päev tagasi
Lol i actually chose to do a report on white lions and I actually know a lot about them so I wanted to see if this had knew information for me to know
i watch brave wilderness for coyotes and the crew and this isnt the same brave wilderness but nice to see african places hopefully coyote goes and takes looks at african culture and animal
coyote peterson in africa 😂😂
Yumiix Päev tagasi
Radhika Agrawal
Radhika Agrawal Päev tagasi
The brave wilderness team should meet with the snake discovery team it would be a cool vid
Julian Druijts
Julian Druijts Päev tagasi
Doesn't Dean Schneider have a ghost lion? Snow?
Rayhab Goraya
Rayhab Goraya 8 tundi tagasi
@Julian Druijts yes me to
Julian Druijts
Julian Druijts 9 tundi tagasi
@Rayhab Goraya he sure is HAHA defenitly my fav Lion of dean's lion pride
Julian Druijts
Julian Druijts 9 tundi tagasi
@Rayhab Goraya yeah I love his videos
Rayhab Goraya
Rayhab Goraya 17 tundi tagasi
Hes a gentle giant
Rayhab Goraya
Rayhab Goraya 17 tundi tagasi
Yeaahhhh you watch him too
Cyber Punk
Cyber Punk Päev tagasi
If it was centuries before technology, theyll call it as fhe lion achilles fought
♡ RosixCovers ♡
♡ RosixCovers ♡ Päev tagasi
This is so thrilling like you don't know what's coming next
ThunderKatz 2 päeva tagasi
Next time on lion king
Kirtsuna 2 päeva tagasi
I’m so happy that for once rare animals aren’t caught and put in captivity.
Toxicon YT
Toxicon YT 2 päeva tagasi
I Found A White Lion Once And i was Like Nope Nope What The Hell WHY AM I HERE
They have that in my national zoo
eloie conti
eloie conti 2 päeva tagasi
Im thinking a albino lion albino's are rare if i know
Văn Tiên TV
Văn Tiên TV 2 päeva tagasi
Stone Pickaxee
Stone Pickaxee 3 päeva tagasi
How about black lion.
D Dorcha Graine
D Dorcha Graine 3 päeva tagasi
Oh good my comment was deleted. You really should not have done that. President Biden is a fraud and " likes children " you have a children's channel, this does not look good for your brand or company.
Veslemøy Haugen
Veslemøy Haugen 3 päeva tagasi
Can I ask where your proof is?
Nathan LaFollette
Nathan LaFollette 3 päeva tagasi
I swear if someone shoots and kills a white lion im gonna move there and be finding that person.😑
Veslemøy Haugen
Veslemøy Haugen 3 päeva tagasi
People poach lions because they have no money. Blame their governments and economy. If you want to help these animals there are plenty of charities, but if these countries stay poor there will always be desperate people forced to make a living by illegally trafficking wild animals.
Moo, Zee, & Blaizo
Moo, Zee, & Blaizo 4 päeva tagasi
Can you please try to find a liger
Seweryn Pas
Seweryn Pas 4 päeva tagasi
Babba tunsdae
Kosar Sh
Kosar Sh 5 päeva tagasi
Evyanni Chavez
Evyanni Chavez 5 päeva tagasi
idiot 666
idiot 666 6 päeva tagasi
So cool 😎
Blanca Alvarez
Blanca Alvarez 6 päeva tagasi
hi 6 päeva tagasi
I m a big faaan since
Devin Lin
Devin Lin 6 päeva tagasi
Chase Linder
Chase Linder 6 päeva tagasi
Black lions matter
Keilianne 💗🏋🏻‍♀️📝📚📓🗞
Keilianne 💗🏋🏻‍♀️📝📚📓🗞 7 päeva tagasi
Watching this felt like a documentary!
Makhulu Media
Makhulu Media 5 päeva tagasi
Thanks. That was the feel I was going for when we made this serries.
pro  gamer
pro gamer 7 päeva tagasi
એ રારે લિઓન શઈટિંગ ઇસ ઈટ ઘોસ્ટ લિઓન ? લ દો લોવે થઇ વિડ્સ
tinasattler1 7 päeva tagasi
Imnsooo hapoy tonsee you both having fun
Kenzzie 8 päeva tagasi
Butterfly lion 🦁
backyard microbiology
backyard microbiology 8 päeva tagasi
make video about pallas cat
fRd is #1
fRd is #1 8 päeva tagasi
I actually felt like I was in a movie 🍿
Sheyli :3
Sheyli :3 9 päeva tagasi
ferox965 9 päeva tagasi
White Lion is rare...I still remember their hit song "Wait". Vito Bratta was an awesome guitarist...
Moondust 9 päeva tagasi
that was totally awesome ... also to see the tracking process ... I also hope the little white princess is sticking to the pride, can't wait to see her grow into a fully adult lioness ...
Random Cat
Random Cat 10 päeva tagasi
I would die for Barney
Rabi gill
Rabi gill 10 päeva tagasi
This is sook coooooool I love this. Do black lion next please
Michelle Forrester
Michelle Forrester 10 päeva tagasi
Hi Tayla & Tristan, really enjoyed this Ep, great Ferrari Safari to see Wild Dogs on a kill . Barney is a legend::: white lions in the Wild, incredible Thanks for bringing it to us and all the work envolved doing so 😊👍🏻😊🙌🏻
Cat Cat
Cat Cat 10 päeva tagasi
Moment of vow an silence for the brave rangers who are brave an wild an free
Angie’s Gaming channel
Angie’s Gaming channel 10 päeva tagasi
Where’s kyote
Miguel Chavez
Miguel Chavez 10 päeva tagasi
Coyote y?
MOON OVER MIAMI 11 päeva tagasi
Hello great video
JJJUNIOR 11 päeva tagasi
I hope you guys consider coming to Botswana I live there my name is Junior I am 12 years old
Godzilla 11 päeva tagasi
I have seen a pair of white lions in one Pride before-- albeit at a safe distance
HelloDoI KnowYou?
HelloDoI KnowYou? 12 päeva tagasi
Me wondering what other white lions there are than the wild white lion
DrPastah 12 päeva tagasi
It's so censored lol
Yvonne Hart
Yvonne Hart 12 päeva tagasi
I love lions there soooooo cute I wish I saw one
BrevCrafting 12 päeva tagasi
"We aren't happy that the wild dogs have killed, but that they're feeding " That's how food works though
Ved’s YouTube Channel
Ved’s YouTube Channel 12 päeva tagasi
Love your vids ❤️
Goran Dubravic
Goran Dubravic 12 päeva tagasi
Wow, a white loin and it’s very pretty!
Neil Shannon
Neil Shannon 12 päeva tagasi
Why did they blur out the kill the Wild Dogs and the Lions made?
Jimin’s Jams
Jimin’s Jams 12 päeva tagasi
This seriously should be a tv show or a Netflix series!
Hayley Waalen
Hayley Waalen 12 päeva tagasi
Kimba the White Lion but in real life.
levi Ackerman
levi Ackerman 12 päeva tagasi
Okay ngl I like when youtube channels like this do what brave wilderness did where they have the more famous person about every 2 like side episodes
Jeff Stoker
Jeff Stoker 12 päeva tagasi
Beautiful cats
Michael John Ordinario
Michael John Ordinario 12 päeva tagasi
They found an albino frog now an albino lion
Rabi gill
Rabi gill 10 päeva tagasi
Its not albino its lusisium
SY Y 12 päeva tagasi
What happen to that dude with hat on why are the people different now
ak3imdaguy 12 päeva tagasi
That woman could hold it differently
Mytical Heart
Mytical Heart 12 päeva tagasi
Coyote and the crew thank you for these videos. I’m known to like animals.. and every time I watch your videos my heart seems to be in a right place :) thank you
Famaca 12 päeva tagasi
Richard: these tracks are untouched not even by wind. Blonde chick: basically he’s saying they’re shiny...........BI*CH WHAT!!!
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm 12 päeva tagasi
lyric Cook
lyric Cook 12 päeva tagasi
Stop race mixing. Breed them white .
Farhaad Jabaar
Farhaad Jabaar 12 päeva tagasi
Where is Peterson
Mathieu Lumb
Mathieu Lumb 12 päeva tagasi
Video idea Find the worlds biggest spider species
Eerier Fish Productions
Eerier Fish Productions 12 päeva tagasi
Where did Coyote Petersan go?
Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Khan 12 päeva tagasi
how many people own this channel on youtube because different people keep making vids
Zaara Shaikh
Zaara Shaikh 12 päeva tagasi
we miss coyote wish he was there to witness the white lions
PIGEON WAR AND CHICK WAR! 12 päeva tagasi
do a video about diamond doves
the_barn_acle 12 päeva tagasi
This felt like a weird invasion of channel
Jairo Lopez
Jairo Lopez 13 päeva tagasi
Matt Erson
Matt Erson 13 päeva tagasi
Thank you for one of my video platform thank you for the animals
Kid Fox
Kid Fox 13 päeva tagasi
I haven't watched Brave Wilderness in years, who are these people?
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez 13 päeva tagasi
Excuse me, can you have been sprayed acid by termites?
Children on the Way
Children on the Way 13 päeva tagasi
Ali Sohna
Ali Sohna 13 päeva tagasi
Where’s the other guy I don’t like the new one
bbbbbrrrrenon222 13 päeva tagasi
SaifTheAvenger 13 päeva tagasi
Actually one of my uncle's got a baby lion and it's white! Is it same??
راجح عبد المنعم
راجح عبد المنعم 13 päeva tagasi
في عرب ولا مع
I is Stupidity
I is Stupidity 13 päeva tagasi
Aqua world
Aqua world 13 päeva tagasi
Who is coyotes Peterson by proffesion
Unknown studio
Unknown studio 13 päeva tagasi
why blur
Daffa Rahardian
Daffa Rahardian 13 päeva tagasi
What happen to coyote?
Rajesh Chavan
Rajesh Chavan 13 päeva tagasi
there was a hayena with the wild dogs
Vok Star
Vok Star 13 päeva tagasi
Interesting that the wild dogs where on a kill with a hyena, great series hope there are more in the pipeline in the future.
Kevork 13 päeva tagasi
Damn I hope this isn’t going to be the future of this channel
Horse Lover
Horse Lover 13 päeva tagasi
This the birmingham pride ^^ The white male is 31 months old The female is 26 months old The only other wild white lion is inside the Kruger National Park and his name is Casper (from a different pride and coalition all together ) He is 6 years old Hope you enjoyed the trip in Ngala :D (The blurring was for the kid audience ? Sad but it's understandable ) Beautiful work
Dyxlanz 13 päeva tagasi
Theres really no white lions because theres a video of a tiger that had stripes in the skin even without fur and the skin was white so it would be same to a lion
GamerStreak 13 päeva tagasi
imagine he encounters a king cheetah
Lisa A
Lisa A 13 päeva tagasi
I cannot wait! Hopefully the white lions and all of the Birmingham’s will be around in two weeks when I am there!
Alex 13 päeva tagasi
I SWEAR i saw mario at the milwaukee zoo (or someone who looked like him)
Susie Boyer
Susie Boyer 13 päeva tagasi
I saw the white lions in Nov 2019 at ngala and started watching Wild Earth live safaris just to keep up with how they are doing! Fantastic!
Shawn McDowell
Shawn McDowell 13 päeva tagasi
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Noobie 13 päeva tagasi
You litterally put yourself in danger just to educate us wow.
Ghyllian Alcantara
Ghyllian Alcantara 13 päeva tagasi
What the hell I laughed so hard when i heard barney.
T3bz 14 päeva tagasi
Dean schneider has a white lion called "snow"
Trikxty 14 päeva tagasi
This makes me sad but happy. I emailed Brave Wilderness a few weeks ago asking if Coyote could do a collaboration with Kevin Richardson - The Lion Whisperer, in South Africa, but they do this instead lol. I find it very ironic and well-timed lol. But at least they're showcasing these lions in the wild. I just hope these guys are kept safe from poachers. Showcasing them like this could have it's downsides.
Chris And the dumb ones
Chris And the dumb ones 14 päeva tagasi
Where is cyote?
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