Milking the World's Most Venomous Spider!

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In this episode, get ready for the full-length version of one of our most dangerous adventures - milking the world's most venomous spider! In Australia, there is one species of spider that strikes fear into the hearts of many, and that spider is none other than the Funnel Web! These arachnids possess a dangerous neurotoxin that is particularly deadly to humans - yikes!

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The Brave Wilderness hosts and crew are professionally trained but receive assistance from animal experts and safety personnel when in potentially life-threatening situations. Permissions were obtained by the crew to film in all locations associated with this series. No animals were injured, killed, or removed from their natural habitat in the filming of this program and instances where animals are brought to the scene are clearly acknowledged in the video. Professional advice should always be sought before entering any dangerous environment, or before encountering any species of animal. Every precaution is taken to handle animals with care and in the least stressful way possible; expert opinions are often solicited when handling animals that may potentially inflict harm to any cast and crew.

Ross Haines
Ross Haines 40 minutit tagasi
Brazilian wandering spider is the most venomous...... get it right!
Marley duhhh
Marley duhhh 47 minutit tagasi
Ive been biten by one of these!!! God its SO MAIN FULL
Fig Bat
Fig Bat 52 minutit tagasi
Be brave, be wild, be safe
John Mcdonnell
John Mcdonnell Tund tagasi
I am a tarantula keeper and breeder, and this spider is def a species of spider I’d love to care for. I myself have some seriously dangerous and venomous Ts that can put you down fir a few months. Especially some of the old world arboreal ones. Some that are the most colorful and beautiful are also the most venomous.
Ken 2 tundi tagasi
You can milk spiders?!
Scott Tennett
Scott Tennett 3 tundi tagasi
Only been bitten by one small African one. Pretty funny ngl my brother flicked it on to me which annoyed it so it attacked the nearest living thing, meeza.
Sohail Shivlani
Sohail Shivlani 3 tundi tagasi
U know, we only want to see u beeping bitten by something lol haha 😂
Keri Arellano
Keri Arellano 4 tundi tagasi
*sees spider* I can milk you
Cruel. 4 tundi tagasi
7:26 just a friendly ant passing bye😉
Streky Skiri
Streky Skiri 4 tundi tagasi
after this video: Dead
Attack_On_ Milo
Attack_On_ Milo 5 tundi tagasi
If ppl didn't live in Australia I'd nuke that place
Rock Organ
Rock Organ 5 tundi tagasi
Hello there
Lisa Hill
Lisa Hill 5 tundi tagasi
I read a book at school called creepy crawlies and the last page was about the Australian web spider and it is TERRIFYING
Atef Sdiri
Atef Sdiri 6 tundi tagasi
i have been carefully planning and considering moving to australia for some time now... crazy how a 20 mins video made me change my mind 😂
David Dawson
David Dawson 6 tundi tagasi
It's like " why is this thing tickling my fangs?? Don't you know what I AM " 😂😂😂
Gabriel Castillo
Gabriel Castillo 7 tundi tagasi
When you realized almost all of the video isnt upside down
ii_graceiex 8 tundi tagasi
ii_graceiex 8 tundi tagasi
Me: please don’t zoom in on it please don’t zoom in on it 😫😫😫😔
Hafid Khallout
Hafid Khallout 8 tundi tagasi
I love your channel its ammazing oh i cant stop waching you,You inspierd me to wach wild videos!
Samar Saliba
Samar Saliba 8 tundi tagasi
7:28 the ant be like : hello,ok bye .i just wanted to get a moment.
Alan Lee
Alan Lee 10 tundi tagasi
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo do not milk the spider
IceManCaden 10 tundi tagasi
Stop playing with your food
Dina Jayyousi
Dina Jayyousi 10 tundi tagasi
Bro u look like mystery dug
Theo Moura
Theo Moura 10 tundi tagasi
Sorry boys but the huntsman is harmless
Sultan gamzer
Sultan gamzer 11 tundi tagasi
@Sultan Gamzer
Zac Efron
Zac Efron 11 tundi tagasi
That’s really mean
Silvi R6
Silvi R6 11 tundi tagasi
Sorry dude as much as I appreciate you and your knowledge, a huntsman spider isn't a dangerous spider it's a common house spider here in Australia.
jerry 12 tundi tagasi
The balls on this guy
Mufasa 14 tundi tagasi
Female spiders got that cake.
just JS
just JS 14 tundi tagasi
6:25 how did a flint and steal sound appear
Auring_ Santos
Auring_ Santos 16 tundi tagasi
Spooder be like: ✋👁🦷👁🤚
Daniel Ivarsson
Daniel Ivarsson 18 tundi tagasi
I am so happy that we in Sweden we don’t have any animals with venom that kills
Colt Lange
Colt Lange 18 tundi tagasi
Joey K
Joey K 20 tundi tagasi
"It's not just the reptiles you have to worry about" Dude its literally every living thing in australia you have to worry about
Trains and model trains productions
Trains and model trains productions 22 tundi tagasi
why is this spider so relatable it avoids humans me same
iamspit 23 tundi tagasi
@owo nah
Scorpiog 946
Scorpiog 946 Päev tagasi
Hi god bless
Charize Sescar
Charize Sescar Päev tagasi
Dj Green
Dj Green Päev tagasi
I’m never going to Australia
Not Void
Not Void Päev tagasi
The irate bar dentsply turn because author moberly move mid a important damage. sweltering, future futuristic guatemalan
ROSE Päev tagasi
I thought brazilian wandering spider was deadliest
Evan Mach
Evan Mach Päev tagasi
This is why I live in Canada, literally across the earth from Australia
Evan Mach
Evan Mach Päev tagasi
My defense system when I see a spider: 👀: sees spider 🧠: EVERYONE GET READY 🦵: I'm ready 🕷: SPLAT
CookiexHalo Päev tagasi
I hate that in wilderness shows like finding predators the camera people get so much closer to the dangerous animals then the actual person doing it but in this he is touching all the animals nearly.
Isla Perks
Isla Perks Päev tagasi
Ok my question is are you arachnophobic because I am 1000000%
Kim Sutcliffe
Kim Sutcliffe Päev tagasi
me and my arachniphobia: 👀
fergyinkorea Päev tagasi
why woud you risk taking it out just for a photo
goedi kek
goedi kek Päev tagasi
i had goosebumps for 20min straight XD
Doulingo Päev tagasi
I want to hit this spider with a hammer because its so mean
William McKee
William McKee Päev tagasi
Coyote: “This is one of the most dangerous spiders in the world” also Coyote: "one bite can kill a human" me: "i'm running the other way from that thing because I'm to young to take over for the devil."
3Dfy My World
3Dfy My World Päev tagasi
me watching the video... looking at the floor to be sure there is not one on the floor... in South Korea...
Boba🧋 Milkshake
Boba🧋 Milkshake Päev tagasi
You are the bravest human on earth
nobudee the person
nobudee the person Päev tagasi
this dude EARNED his SUBS, man
bubbeN Päev tagasi
"They avoid humans at all cost. They are mostly found in residental areas, in peoples backyard"
David Siqueiros
David Siqueiros Päev tagasi
Sometimes people get weird with milking animals but notice how nice and very noninvasive it is
brice hamlin
brice hamlin Päev tagasi
This is the park where lazerbeam went
A Bbb
A Bbb Päev tagasi
Coyote: "Extremely dangerous spider!" Also Coyote: *Gives spider a kiss*
Lazarbeam went to that park
Strongboy 72
Strongboy 72 Päev tagasi
"That's a tiny container" is an understatement. Don't mess with these guys take my word as an Aussie.
donocono Päev tagasi
Excellently entertaining, while simultaneously educative.
Aishath Isra
Aishath Isra Päev tagasi
Stay away from spiders ok ,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!
Abhay Sharma
Abhay Sharma Päev tagasi
Imagine him making a video on "Getting bitten by a funnel web spider"
Aishath Isra
Aishath Isra Päev tagasi
You mean the venom
B and C Cards
B and C Cards Päev tagasi
7:28 That other little spider just wanted attention
AyoDanny Päev tagasi
Only OG lazarbeam fans remember this Zoo
넥타Nectar Päev tagasi
As a Australian, I have encountered too many funnel webs in my time. Have I been bitten? no I wack em with a stick
Hayden Gaming
Hayden Gaming Päev tagasi
I would not like to have THAT job😳
Lily K
Lily K Päev tagasi
Wow that is cool
Abhigna Päev tagasi
Image he put that spider in the bag and u open it and it’s gone 💀
cygna6 Päev tagasi
Australia..Number 1 most deadly snake in the world to date is the Inland Taipan.Its a "one bite good night"touchy feely type of snake. For spiders its the Brazilian Wandering Spider . Ouch!
DaiShuryo Technus
DaiShuryo Technus Päev tagasi
He hasn't mentioned the Mouse?
Mariah Cole
Mariah Cole Päev tagasi
What’s more weirder snakes or spiders? Or weird lol
Lunarman Päev tagasi
how many times this guy almost killed himself?
Chrisyork1989 Päev tagasi
0/10 my ex isn’t even in this video.
Stergio Konto
Stergio Konto Päev tagasi
Watching this in my bed... *In sydney*
JerryTheSlime Päev tagasi
Another reason to not live in Australia
Rohan James
Rohan James Päev tagasi
Every insect tends to avoid at humans at all cost, cause they know we more disgusting than them
thatrandomarcher Päev tagasi
i dont know what would be better: moving to sydney staying in melbourne
yzhmz Päev tagasi
i have an arachnophobia and im watching this
sophie davies
sophie davies Päev tagasi
Hey question do u ever kill any of the animals after the shoot just asking
Eric Sharpe
Eric Sharpe Päev tagasi
This definitely seems better than cow milk
Lemmus Twitch
Lemmus Twitch Päev tagasi
BTW huntsman is not a deadly spider at all, they do not bite
feelincrispy Päev tagasi
Ok hol up. Huntsmans aren’t really dangerous at all. Yeah it *might* bite you if you really really piss it off but it’s not venomous and they live in the house with us perfectly fine. I’ve only had one crawl over my pillow in the dark but she was cool. You can pick them up, move them and they are happy enough to go along for the ride then just walk away once you put them down. Plus they eat the annoying bugs in the house
Wavy Mats
Wavy Mats Päev tagasi
Never gonna join this mans journey for spiders without a full thick armored suit
MarmBoi Päev tagasi
Mmmm, feel the cromch as I consume it in my plate armor like a starving paladin
Wavy Mats
Wavy Mats Päev tagasi
@MarmBoi finna eat it for dinner
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard Päev tagasi
Amen, kinsman
MarmBoi Päev tagasi
Imagine a spider entering your armor
Bacon HairEXE
Bacon HairEXE Päev tagasi
You will have to do this in the next saw movie
Roger Dodger
Roger Dodger Päev tagasi
8:18 marks the beginning of a horror movie
Rene Echegaray
Rene Echegaray Päev tagasi
blossom -
blossom - Päev tagasi
That was the Sydney funnel web spider ma guy, at least from the images.
Shadow_Gamer 2 päeva tagasi
And this is why I'm terrified of spiders
Mister Mc lols
Mister Mc lols 2 päeva tagasi
This thing is an apex predator... me with my flip flops
Gaz B 007
Gaz B 007 2 päeva tagasi
Just watching this gives me anxiety. Only 3 minutes in and I’m done.
Ullr the snow God
Ullr the snow God 2 päeva tagasi
Red Bull gives you wiings. Spider Milk will f---ing kill you. Somebody market that, you're welcome.
thepepato2 2 päeva tagasi
RG CRYPT 2 päeva tagasi
I want funnel cake
Boris Badinov
Boris Badinov 2 päeva tagasi
I wouldn't leave home without a flame thrower at the ready
Boris Badinov
Boris Badinov 2 päeva tagasi
Pretty much every living organism in Australia want's to kill you! The Ocean side no safer as the sharks are waiting for the land killers to drive you their way..... uuuuhhhhggggg!
George Pig Official
George Pig Official 2 päeva tagasi
And here comes when I get paranoid
split Davis
split Davis 2 päeva tagasi
You are the person who would purposely step on legos
Benjamin Laffitte
Benjamin Laffitte 2 päeva tagasi
Australia ? A continent ?
Flαre 2 päeva tagasi
Is this a reupload? I feel like I watched this years ago on this channel lol
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