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Marina Wu
Marina Wu 11 tundi tagasi
Snake: Yo, you caught me for this.🙄
Amon 11 tundi tagasi
Itz not Potatoe
Itz not Potatoe 11 tundi tagasi
It looks like dilophosaurus
The Christian Gamer
The Christian Gamer 11 tundi tagasi
Keep up the good work on your channel
Brason Thomas
Brason Thomas 11 tundi tagasi
Florida everglades
Kendall Morris
Kendall Morris 12 tundi tagasi
ive had harvester ants. thoughs sting hurt
James Minchala
James Minchala 12 tundi tagasi
god is that you?
Bryan Sanchez
Bryan Sanchez 12 tundi tagasi
He falls off a cliff and is like hey guys i am ok i just need a band-aid
Pr0ject Panda
Pr0ject Panda 12 tundi tagasi
IV been bitten by one
Houston Speed Freaks
Houston Speed Freaks 12 tundi tagasi
Bro you're the toughest man on planer earth hands down 😮
Dzihan Alam
Dzihan Alam 12 tundi tagasi
chicken nugget
chicken nugget 12 tundi tagasi
Team palio with tooth number 3
Ariatny Sandoval
Ariatny Sandoval 12 tundi tagasi
Angela Nong
Angela Nong 12 tundi tagasi
This guy is the most crazy person i ever seen.
Rebecca ****
Rebecca **** 13 tundi tagasi
I am happy and excited to find rattle snake and reptiles
Crawlz 13 tundi tagasi
I was about an inch away from being bitten by one yesterday. I live in upstate NY so I've never been used to seeing them but they're expanding their range and I stepped on one in my yard. It was juvenile but still very aggressive and fast.
•iżży_gåcha• 13 tundi tagasi
Even though I live in Alaska I still feel like there are spiders on me now😭
April Snow
April Snow 13 tundi tagasi
Bresilient wondering Spider
adventures with Xavi
adventures with Xavi 13 tundi tagasi
Let s go it is a shark come on o a shark
April Snow
April Snow 13 tundi tagasi
Brazilian wondering spider
cobramac 13 tundi tagasi
I LOVE YOu COYOTE I think he’s watching my requests brown recluse spider 😌
NukeAU 13 tundi tagasi
I like to call em BBC's , Basic Brown Co- Colours
Lol Lol
Lol Lol 13 tundi tagasi
Why the fuc would you do that
Andrei Pushcat
Andrei Pushcat 13 tundi tagasi
That sloth probably had the best time of his
adventures with Xavi
adventures with Xavi 13 tundi tagasi
adventures with Xavi
adventures with Xavi 13 tundi tagasi
Yes come back up here.
Donna Ritchie
Donna Ritchie 13 tundi tagasi
Have you ever seen a great white shark
Skylan White
Skylan White 13 tundi tagasi
You look like you was getting tased
Matthew Tucker
Matthew Tucker 13 tundi tagasi
I would never hold a spider on my hand willingly so I admire the courage it takes to do this
Banana Family
Banana Family 13 tundi tagasi
u need blood stupideo
Leonardo V
Leonardo V 13 tundi tagasi
that animal lives in my backyard and now im scared
xxsh!ta 13 tundi tagasi
He is the moment and immune
Nightmare 4003
Nightmare 4003 13 tundi tagasi
As I’m watching this I see a recluse on my bed not kidding
James R
James R 13 tundi tagasi
My favorite outdoorsman hands down . If it was 1 trillion dollars in front of me and all I had to do was let a venom spider walk on my hands and arms?? I’d fold lol
Connor Harris
Connor Harris 13 tundi tagasi
Plot twist: the camera guy purposefully got the cactus in his hand because he didn’t want him to be embarrassed
Blade Slinger
Blade Slinger 13 tundi tagasi
I hope you guys do a sawfish episode
No Thumb
No Thumb 13 tundi tagasi
"As long as he doesn't shoot me with his acetic acid"
꧁Gälaxÿ the Wølf꧂
꧁Gälaxÿ the Wølf꧂ 13 tundi tagasi
*gaspppopppppppppppppp* wolf! 🤩🤩🤩🤩 I love wolves so much!!
Boyd Crew
Boyd Crew 13 tundi tagasi
this channel is animal cruelty in a nut shell
D3C91 ha
D3C91 ha 13 tundi tagasi
17:22 listen with eyes closed for about 1 to 2 mins 😂😂
D3C91 ha
D3C91 ha 13 tundi tagasi
lovely suction 😳
Golbez 13 tundi tagasi
"im going to try to be as absolutely calm as possible..." he says looking the most nervous ive ever seen anyone...
SalmonSlammin13 14 tundi tagasi
That catfish is a yellow bullhead and a pretty big one!
🌅•S u n s h i n e  d r o p s•🌅
🌅•S u n s h i n e d r o p s•🌅 14 tundi tagasi
I feel so bad about her's neck aaaaa-
Lillsnorre 900
Lillsnorre 900 14 tundi tagasi
Would you ever handle or atleast talk about and show the Sicarius terrosus, aka the Six eyed sand spider?
mike stroup
mike stroup 14 tundi tagasi
You crazy dawg!! 🤪
Jay Mac
Jay Mac 14 tundi tagasi
That snoot 🐽 looool 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂
NIGHTKAP 14 tundi tagasi
Living in the state of Missouri and dealing with the brown recluse for most of my life I can assure you they are as big or bigger than a quarter on some occasions. As a matter of fact, I caught one in my bathroom one night and put it in a shot glass and its legs touched the sides of the shot glass across the bottom of it. They can grow rather large. And yes, it was 100% a brown recluse. We know the difference between our brown spiders in this state LOL
virgosky8 14 tundi tagasi
My dad’s basement is full of those…😖
K & Z Beatzz
K & Z Beatzz 14 tundi tagasi
Dude caught a shiny
hex mending reacts & gaming
hex mending reacts & gaming 14 tundi tagasi
U can tell this is a joke🤣
Michael Johnson Jr.
Michael Johnson Jr. 14 tundi tagasi
Even though Coyote exaggerates when he is stung he still has insane documentaries while filming
Butters321 14 tundi tagasi
That kid is the duck girl from Icarly
……….HI……….HI……….HI………. 14 tundi tagasi
Coyote: I’m going to get stung in the morning cool
Bruce Darling
Bruce Darling 14 tundi tagasi
Having been bitten by a brown recluse, I don't know whether to say that you are courageous or out of your mind. The recluse that nailed me bit my left shin, leading to a wound that looked like an erupting volcano. It took many weeks to heal and an unfamiliar concoction of antibiotics to control the infection. That was seven years ago. The wound healed long ago, but you can still see the noticeably discolored area on my shin caused by necrosis.
……….HI……….HI……….HI………. 14 tundi tagasi
Me trying to figure out why he does this and how many times he has been to the hospital
Daylene Cecil
Daylene Cecil 14 tundi tagasi
Coyote Peterson is all might I swear
The Typical
The Typical 14 tundi tagasi
I would never do that. Geeze. You scare me...
HaVoK SJH 14 tundi tagasi
Little did you know.. He was gifted the powers of Electro after this Bzzzzt!⚡💥⚡
JusHere4DaComments 14 tundi tagasi
ME: watches video ME: 👀 👀 round the room as i watch
OwO Meløn
OwO Meløn 14 tundi tagasi
How, HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE!? You have posted so many videos of you nearly killing yourself
ChaoticTNT Gaming
ChaoticTNT Gaming 14 tundi tagasi
There was a big gator at a golf course a while back, thing looked big
viper da pilot 76
viper da pilot 76 14 tundi tagasi
One almost bit me one time
James Ackley
James Ackley 14 tundi tagasi
The Asian Giant Hornet is the Queen of Stings.
Brooklyn 14 tundi tagasi
Why do you want to touch a stingray when they are very venomous ?
Calleby Silva
Calleby Silva 14 tundi tagasi
How much litters 1?
Life As Ty
Life As Ty 14 tundi tagasi
This scares me because I have seen soo many of these but yet never knew this was a recluse
Pitty🍌 14 tundi tagasi
I used to be scared of spiders but this has made me not scared because of coyotes braveness
S.A Sharp-Katana
S.A Sharp-Katana 14 tundi tagasi
That thumbnail though 😂
that trashy furry
that trashy furry 14 tundi tagasi
poachers shouls be ashamed of themselves! Endangering innocent creatures like that!
GREGORIO ROSARIO 14 tundi tagasi
That Should be poisonous am I right
Calleby Silva
Calleby Silva 14 tundi tagasi
This guy is the most bravest man ever I seen In my life I hope nothing bad happend to him
XxGummy BearxX
XxGummy BearxX 14 tundi tagasi
How does he SURVIVE? At least he has to be freaking out inside even if he doesn’t show it outside- THATS SO SCARY. While he’s being out there making friends with spiders, I’m here shouting “SPIDER! KILL IT KILL IT PLEASE HELP IM GONNA DIEEEEEEE” I hope one day, I can be more like him 🥲 (but if I’m brave I’m not gonna try and get stung/bitted)
Savannah Frasier
Savannah Frasier 14 tundi tagasi
It looked like to me at 1st glance that it could be a part of the Leach Family ?
Auroara Duke
Auroara Duke 15 tundi tagasi
Do this again but with a black mamba
Random clips on youtube
Random clips on youtube 15 tundi tagasi
It’s sticky and sweet….. thats what she saaiiiiid
Pizza Boy
Pizza Boy 15 tundi tagasi
is the mudpuppy a axolotl
Gorilla2020 15 tundi tagasi
Me:*stares at the spider on the wall* The spider:*starts moving*YOU WILL NEVER TAKE ME BOI MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAH
Lety's resin crafts
Lety's resin crafts 15 tundi tagasi
I like frogs